Ayodele Fayose: A thief caught!!

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Fayose is a definition of a thief. Infact he has the proper definition of a shameless thief with braggadocio. He thinks he’s smart but he has met smarter people. He has gone to court to rigmarole. Let’s see how the federal high court would overrule another high court because of Fayose.He wants his accounts unfreezed so that he would raid the remaining money.  That is not going to happen. Someone somewhere should explain to that crook that any account under criminal investigation cannot be operated. It is simple!!


There are facts to show that in 2014, fayose was jobless. There are facts to depict that prior to Fayose’s  indication to contest the governorship election in 2014, he was just like any other politician. Now the question is this; what was Fayose’s work that made Abiodun Agbele transferred hundreds of millions of naira to him and his(fayose) companies during the campaign period?  Where did the money come from?  Was Fayose’s father a very rich man?


This man is a very lucky man. He is lucky because he’s still the Governor of Ekiti state.  Facts are coming out that show him as nothing but a thorough thief. Nigeria is a good country o!! When a thief still believes he’s in a position to dictate things, then, there’s problem.


We all read Saraki’s  statement after he was charged for forgery.  Can you imagine that Saraki’s statement that he was ready to go to prison in defence of democracy? I don’t get it. This man has spent hundreds of millions of stolen money to avoid anything that would take him to Prison. Yet, he wants us to believe that he is an activist. Wu sai!!. He’s on his own just like Fayose.’


Fayose chopped, stole and even cheated his fellow criminals out of the scheme. Little wonder his former right hand man turned against him recently. Like I wrote earlier, Fayose must return the money. He can spin it the way he wants. He can say whatever he wants to say but he would pay.

How about Zenith bank? How could zenith bank escape sanctions on money laundering case like this? Zenith bank is an accomplice in this fraud. The earlier the bank is dealt with the better for everyone. The bank must not go unpunished in this clear case of monumental robbery.

This man is something else. Please take a look at some of the zenith bank deposit papers by Fayose’s man Abiodun agbele:








Photo credit: sahara reporters

Wow!! It is really good to be a well connected politician in Nigeria. Meanwhile, fayose should pay his workers at least….Ewolewoo!!

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