Ibori: When the “Boss” comes calling.

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Ibori: When the “Boss” comes calling.

How many people could be in  Prison yet control a state? Not just a state, I mean an oil producing state. Who can be in prison yet install a Governor? Who can be in prison yet control important companies? When I mean companies, I mean real companies with verifiable workers.  Who can be in prison yet be in charge of hidden monies scattered everywhere? The British people are frantically searching for where the monies are, but I can tell you that if they were able to lay their hands on 5% of the loot then they have done wonders.

This is someone who was in jail for chopping people’s money, yet the same people  who he chopped their money are still hailing him.  You should know that the guy is too much. Ibori has shown how to go to jail and still be in total control of “critical things”. That is the modern century mafioso.

Leave the gragra of the EFCC and the Nigerian Government. If the EFCC and the judiciary have not been able to deal with the present rogues in power, is it Ibori who has already served his time that they want to latch on?  Mind you the charges that took him to jail in London were against Nigerians. He served jail term for the same charges that the Nigerian judiciary acquitted him on after months of drama. Now EFCC wants to do gra-gra. No be so o!!

It is so difficult to fight corruption in Nigeria because it runs the system. This is a place where being an entrepreneur could be a waste of time. Join government in some enthralling capacity and you could easily realise your ambition of being a millionaire or even billionaire. Just make sure you fight to join government and you would live the rest of your life in opulence. Why Nigerians always feel there would no consequence to this unending corruption baffle me to no end. You can’t be a millionaire in Government yet want to provide good life for the people. Things don’t work together when they’re on parallel paths. We cannot condone corruption and wanton chopping of government money yet we want the same individuals to provide infrastructure and jobs for us. Mbanu! Iro ni! I naaa!! E nor fit happen.

Back to my ibori jare, he is the man. He should forget the “detractors” they’re just jealous. Ibori is the man! Ewolewoo!!


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