Still on the 1billion dollars; Okojo-Iweala should “sue” for damages

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I will  advise the former minister of Finance and Economic coordination minister(Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala) to go to court. She needs to sue those who “lied” against her that Nigeria borrowed 1billion dollars for the Lagos-Kano rail line project. Yes!! The Permanent secretary of the transport ministry even had the “effrontery” to claim that they only have 400 million dollars out of the 1 billion dollars. He said the remaining was diverted. All these sums sounded like “tales from the moonlight” to the former minister. She flatly denied this assertion in her rebuttal.

This is an attempt to bring an “esteemed minister of finance”, who has been on top of “the powerful coordination of the economic affairs” of the Nigerian state,  into disrepute. How can? What did the permanent secretary think? What was he inferring? That the coordinator of our finances who has, in her finger tips, all the amount borrowed and  un-borrowed by Nigeria was suffering from amnesia? A woman whose integrity is acknowledged in the world bank, IMF, US and European union? A lady who has saved us from economic calamity in this country? Can’t you see how our economy has been ” ä high flier” for the past 4 years? A lady that can tell us the total amount of debt we’ve borrowed or been borrowing over the last 4 years. A lady who knows the amount spent and unspent on fuel subsidy. She knows with ‘facts’, the total amount spent on fuel subsidy so far and everything would just even out because she was ‘on top’ of things. A lady who knows all the  ”accounts” operated by the NNPC as the finance minister and economic coordination minister. No one can bamboozle her in any way with figures. People should take their time o!! Bad belle!!

She has no choice than to sue for “defamation of character”. She was very clear that Nigeria never borrowed 1 billion dollars for that project from the Chinese. So where did the story come from? Where did the 400 million dollars come from? Where did the 1 billion dollars story come from? No, no, no!!! She needs to act and act fast before her “‘super name” is further dragged in the mud. No one would have borrowed any money without her knowledge within the last 4 years that she was in charge. No way!! She would definitely know.  Wich kaind wahala be ds?

She shouldn’t forget to also sue someone like Professor  Charles Soludo(former CBN governor) to court too. She needs to let people understand that they cannot just come to the public and talk “anyhow”, Yan “anyhow” and quote figures “anyhow” just to paint her in bad light. Chukwuma Soludo was very damning in his assessment of the Nigeria’s economic performance  before the elections. No, no, no, Madam shouldn’t allow him to go unchallenged too. He needs to have his day in court. Yes!! People need to be taught “some lessons” madam.

Once in court, madam would “daze” them so much with “your facts” that they would beg to settle out of court and issue public apologies. Yes!! Can’t people see how our economy has performed so well over the last 4 yesar??? haha!!

As a ‘loyal follower’ who understands Okonjo’s sagacity and financial acumen in handling of our economy. I hereby urge her to sue for “substantial damages”. She said Nigeria never borrowed such money, so we need to know how the money entered the account without her knowledge. We dey behind you madam, nor mind dem… Peoples take ya time o!!.. Ewolewoo!!

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