2016 Budget: Guys want to “chop and Whack”. Period!!

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Why would national assembly allow the budget proposals when president Buhari has refused to do “deals”? Why would senators bother themselves when there’s nothing for the boys from the “stingy man”? Why would guys disturb their brains when they had to help themselves by including what they wanted into the budget since the President loves to speak Chinese on English matters?  A senate with a proven wayo man as their beloved President would definitely not be interested in any Project other than “guaranteed chop-chop” money sharing scheme. Thunder fire  Calabar-lagos rail line  project!!


There’s no way Buhari is going to have smooth ride with these senators. Buhari nor dey release moni. That is the problem!!  In Nigeria, being president, means sharing money. If you deviate from that convention, you are in “hot soup”.  The whole system that is yawning for part of the shared money would revolt. The Politicians that are interested in part of the shared money would fight back. The whole place would just grind to a halt I tell you.


What you are seeing as the President’s face-off with the senate over the 2016 budget is a combination of face-offs but with the budget as the public face. Will this kind of fight stop?  For wia!! Forget the technical details in the budget, Guys want to Enjoy. Guys want to show that they are “bigger boys”. Guys want to tell people how rich they are by being senators yet the president wants to spoil show.  The Lagos-calabar rail line sef, what’s in there? Is there anything for the boys?  Ok, it should just be included when nothing has been specially allocated for the boys?  Again, may amadioha bulldoze the Project!! Nonsense!!


To even make matters worse, the man at the head of the  reviewing team  is Saraki. Saraki is a man whose public perception of him on corruption is really bad.  As we speak, Saraki doesn’t want to hear that name called Buhari. The name is bad news. He has tried all in his powers to talk to him but he(Buhari) has been dismissive about his(Saraki) Personal corruption travails. This has made Saraki to look at this issue as a payback issue.. Yes!! If Nigerians think they would sleep easy as one baby Judge is tormenting him, then, they better wake up to reality. This is Saraki’s time to show una say e get power too. As Toyin isn’t sleeping well, so shall many who depend on the passage of the Budget too. What is good for the goose…..

People want to chop.  People want to whack. That is the issue. Will Buhari give them some allowance to chop for them to allow smooth passage of the 2016 budget? That is the question for the President…..Ewolewoo!!





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