40 billion naira budget padding: Dogara are you a thief as alleged by Jibrin?

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Why would you not want to be a politician? Why are you wasting your time in your office as a 9 to 6pm worker? Why are you thinking of being an entrepreneur when you can be a millionaire by just being a politician? This is what the system entails. This is what the system speaks. This is what the system indicates. It is quite simple!!


The story is this: Dogara( The house of reps speaker)  sacked Jibrin(the house budget appropriation chairman). Dogara said Jibrin was relieved because he betrayed the trust his colleagues had in him. Jibrin has fought back saying that Dogara wanted 40 billion naira inserted in the 2016 budget. Do you know what? I believe Jibrin because it has always been the style. Padding of budget is a normal occurrence in our financial matters. To deny this fact is to deny reality. Dogara, when questioned, has refused to defend himself. To him, it should be left to the house to resolve. This we know is a recipe for cover-up. I don’t blame him, it is the style.


When I wrote that the crude oil must be $75/barrel for us to breathe, it was because I took into consideration this kind of attitude that accepts budget padding and outright corruption in the system. Any income into the system that doesn’t give tolerance for “things like that” is just a waste of time. The system has a cancer of things like this that trying to cure it would always bring everything down which is unfortunate. 


We have a legislature where the members look at themselves, not as lawmakers, but as contract makers. You can understand why it is difficult to get rid of Saraki despite the fact that he’s in court for corruption. This is because Saraki is a mirror of many of them. Fighting corruption is anathema to their modus operandi in any form. These guys are something else in terms of financial probity. They want to have individual budget allocations like the executive members of the government. How that makes sense is beyond me.


Dogara cannot continue to hide behind a finger. His colleague, Jibrin, has made a very serious allegation against him. He owes everyone his defence in this case. Is it true that Dogara wanted N40 billion inserted into the budget? Infact what has been inserted into the budget for the house as we speak?  In this scenario, there is no peace for the drunkard. I know someone would mention political persecution if EFCC is involved, however this cannot just disappear like others.


This is a vivid example where the peculiarity of Nigeria situation is quite stunning. This case would not go away. This case must come up. The ball is now in Dogara’s court. We want him to tell us that he is not a thief as alleged by Jibrin.  Dogara are you a thief?  Please the floor is yours…Ewolewoo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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