Buhari has a problem, it is called “money”…

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The earlier people understand that the Nigeria state as it were has been raped out of circulation the better. The earlier Nigerians are made to understand that the Government doesn’t have the kind of money they think of, the better. The Nigerian Government is presently operating in a financially weakened position.


 There is always a cost to embezzlement. There is always a cost to stealing. The hole must be filled, liking it or not is immaterial. The problem arises when people are not ready to pay for the corruption cost. We are finding it so difficult to absorb the repercussions of the resultant effect of the obscene stealing. There was a time that oil sold for $140/barrel. Please don’t ask what happened to the money. The finger pointing would be confusing. However, we can’t run from it, we must pay for the squandering.


Is the Government confused? I say yes. Is the Government alarmed by the enormity of the challenges at hand? I say yes.  Would anyone have done better? I honestly cannot in good conscience answer it. If the last Government struggled to make meaningful impact when crude oil sold for long spell at $120/barrel, how will a new Government navigate with $45/barrel while carry the same expenditure? Without any commensurable income, I still want to get it.


I knew there would be very serious issues when Buhari came in. I knew the source of income into the system has dwindled dramatically to the point of no return. Mind you, the expectations were so high (and thick) on him that you could get a knife and cut through it. Yet I knew he didn’t have the money to actualise much. He needs money and he needs money badly. The present oil price regime would not cut it for him. The reason is simple; he is carrying the same load. Unless he turns himself to money oo!!


With the way Government finances are right now, it is no surprise that the Government is no longer able to provide 100% importation of petrol at the rate(N87/litre) it was earlier.  Government had to come out of the “shame land and confess”.  I understand that fact in all ramifications. The government also knows that marketers don’t have the money to import anything. She(Government) would totally do the importation. However, there’s a snag: NNPC!!


The Government has proven that she is either unwilling or unable to reign in on NNPC. Nigerians are scared of NNPC with their NUPENG supporters. Yet it is this corrupt organization that would sell our crude oil for us and also import the fuel for us. It is the same organisation that has found it so difficult to manage simple refineries. Unless it happens tomorrow, none of the staffs involved in this nonsense has been charged or would ever be charged. The refineries have not worked and no one is responsible in any manner in NNPC for the failure of the refineries. How that is acceptable to Nigerians still baffle me to no end. Yet we are supposed to trust the firm to deliver. How? I don’t know.


Out of confusion due to no money, Buhari is running everywhere to get the money, Nigerians wickedly stole. If he gets up to 30% of the money, it would be a great victory. It just exposes man’s inhumanity to man in our context. That’s the reason Buhari wasn’t ready to disavow the statement of Prime Minister David Cameron.


For now, our situation can only be solved to our satisfaction if the oil price rises substantially. If it doesn’t happen quickly, it is all in God’s hand o!! Ewolewoo!!

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