Akpabio’s Accident: Uyo has the best hospital…

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The other day Godswill Akpabio,  a senator and the past governor of Akwa ibom state, had an accident. Huuup! ! That was really serious. We really want to extend our sympathies to him and wish him quick recovery. You know how these things happen. Motor accidents are really not things you wish anybody. Our able Governor,I dey hail o!!!
My anger right now is directed at people managing Akpabio’s health. I have even heard some “snippets” from them that he could be flown abroad for treatment(that’s if they’ve not done so). People shouldn’t allow me to really “vex” o!! I can understand that he was treated in Abuja national hospital to start with since it happened there. Which one be abroad again? Make dem nor endanger our senator’s health biko.
People should understand that the best place to take Akpabio for treatment should be Uyo. When Akpabio was the Governor he built a world class medical facility in Uyo. Infact go to Uyo if you’ve got any medical ailment of any kind and you would wonder why people are spending big money going Abroad for treatment.
Let me tell you something you do not understand. Akpabio headed the richest state in terms of oil revenue allocation in the last 6 years ( I wish I could say 8 years). Many oil fields in Rivers were given to Akwa Ibom. Even the offshore oil platforms originally meant for cross rivers were reverted to Akwa ibom state. Supreme court never fit do naadaa on that. Akwa ibom during Akpabio became so rich. Akpabio became the “main man”. So why are you guys embarrassing our Governor. There’s God o!!
He was able to  use the money to set up what you would term  medical facilities that other states would envy. He is da man…I hereby request that he be taken for treatment  in Uyo. Where he shall enjoy the best medical facility with highly motivated medical staff that would efficiently treat him. It is high time we stop “messing ” our Governors around. When a Governor “performs” well it is just appropriate that he is made to enjoy the fruit of his labour.
Please,please, once again don’t take my  able Governor to substandard medical institutions abroad. The best local hospital to take him to is in Uyo. A state he made “heaven on earth”. A state he performed so well that he almost got 100% of the votes for both himself and his annointed successor. If im nor perform how people go give am 100%? Tink am!!! This is something we owe him. This is something that we are obligated to do. Uyo is the medical answer. He made it so. You can confirm directly from him if in doubt.
I remain loyal to my Governor. I dey wait am for Uyo while wishing him the very quickest recovery. ..Twale sir!!! Ewolewoo!!

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