Amaehi vs Wike: The battle is more defining as it rages….

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It was drama at the Senate on Thursday, 22nd of Oct 2015 when Amaechi was being screened by the Senate. It was sort of an “änti-climax” at some point as some senators decided not to ask questions while some just told him to “bow and go”.  However, some reasons prevail as he was eventually asked questions. We all knew the question we wanted him to answer. The question was later asked, but what we heard was another “interesting inquisition” by Amaechi.  Amaechi threw back the ball at Wike in an unexpected fashion.


The story is this: Wike set up a Judicial panel/commission of inquiry to probe Amaechi’s  government immediately he came in. The Panel, came out with the report just before Amaechi was screened by the Senate. In pursuant to the Panel Report, the rivers state government immediately issued a white paper based on the judicial commission of inquiry. Specifically, the White paper  supposedly based on the report of the Panel, indicted Amaechi in no small measure. The White paper  was pointed in saying Amaechi (with others)must refund about 57 billion naira. It was a clear case of indictment. Wike’s white paper labelled Amaechi  a thief based on the Panel report. Mind you Wike is a lawyer so we believed that he must know what he was talking about.


Then came the Senate screening where Amaechi was asked about the indictment.  Amaechi in response produced  what he said was the report of the Panel that was supposedly used by the White paper indictment. Amaechi claimed, in open view to millions of watching Nigerians, that there was nowhere in the report that pointed at any indictment on him(as amaechi) which  Wike’s white paper claimed. That was a “spectacular claim” I must confess. This was surprising to a lot of people as we all thought that Amaechi would just come and speak “grammar” to confuse everyone. We all thought he would come and feed us with the usual case of “witchunt” that big men in Nigeria use to escape punishment.  I was looking for that line of story from him I have to say. It was a sort of an unexpected turnaround in all ramifications.


The ball is now in Wike and Rivers state government’s court in this comical case of mind blowing exposition. Is it true that the white paper report was “speaking Greek” while the judicial panel report was “speaking Ikwerre”? Do we have Specific ameachi indictment  written in the Judicial Report  with  5” fonts size while the people who read  the report for Amaechi could only read well  with size 12’’ font sizes? If it is so, Wike should refer everyone to the specific pages and paragraphs where amaechi was indicted in the report.  This should be ascertained in the interest of the supporters of both Amaechi and Wike.


This has turned to an open integrity issue. One person (either amaechi or wike) is a pure liar. If the white paper was written without consideration to the panel report, which was supposed to be the basis, then Rivers people should start thinking of night even when they’re in the morning. If Amaechi was actually indicted (as Amaechi) by the Judicial  Report which the white paper just echoed, while he claimed otherwise,then he has no reason to be a minister in the Nigerian government.  Nigerians, we now have a clear way in judging the two of them. No more Grammar!!

While we are waiting for Wike’s response, which is expected to be immediate, the battle line is already clearer and we would soon know whose face ” na wayo face”.  For now the battle between former friends turned brutal enemies continues….. Ewolewoo!!

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