…an Andrew Yakubu turns from NNPC GMD to a robber

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On stealing we stand so says Yakubu…


A man like you and me, just because he was made the NNPC GMD  between 2012-2014, had US$9.2million dollars and UK£72000 in raw cash locked up in a safe house in Kaduna. Mind you this is just a tip of the ice-berg. If the man is “tuned” a bit, I can assure that more “vaults” would be discovered. Why people don’t see the nexus in this kind of stealing and the present economic malaise is very strange to me. How people still believe that with this kind of stealing everything would go well after still beats me.


The other day it was Deziani’s US$153million that was blocked in the banks. Ofcourse I still rememember the battle of trying to block Patience Jonathan’s US$15 million dollars in the bank. We know we’re just scratching the surface as these are just tips of serious infractions in the system. Na wetin? What were we actually expecting?


Mind you we all depend on crude oil sales, yet the “Oga” for crude oil just stole to the extent that he had to set up his own money vaults. It means that he has stolen to the point that the money couldn’t be taken to the banks anymore. Yet we expect the system not to bleed?


I am seriously surprised that Nigeria is still standing with this kind of mindless stealing. It’s a serious  wonder to my system that this country still breathes. The way people stole and still steals shows blatant wickedness I tell you. The luck someone like Yakubu has is that he’s a Nigerian. It’s only here that someone would be caught in this manner yet he would still be able to see the skies.  He’s lucky that some people would use their hatred of Buhari to excuse and cloak this blatant felony.


With an utterly useless Judiciary that we’ve got, I can sense that he would be admitted on bail. Ofcourse in all practical purpose, that would be the end of discussion which is very sad.

How can the system really survive with this kind of unmitigated stealing is still a mystery that’s beyond me…Ewolewoo!!


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