An unsurprising failed strike action by NLC

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Why call for a strike action when you know it would fail? If people don’t see the dysfunction of a labour union where 90% of her members are civil servants or in government payroll then there’s a problem.  A situation where the effectiveness of strike action depends on how many people reported to duty at government secretariats (not factories or other industrial concerns) is a problem. That labour sees this as normal is pathetic.


Why would you call a strike when you know you are factionalised? Can you push for a cause if you are divided?


That we don’t see any correlation between all the billions of dollars which has been openly stolen and our present malaise is a cause for concern.  People were shared “big and fantastic” government money running into billions of dollars yet we believe that there would never be any repercussions? I don’t understand where that economics or accounting theory comes from. Why would you be looking for apples in an orange farm? Is it not madness?


How could you call a strike when you know that a lot of people are scared of losing their jobs? How?  How could you declare a strike when you are aware that people believe that Government would love to have less staff in her pay role? How could you call a strike when you know that the present Government does not have the financial capacity or capability to effect those grandiose expectations?


Many Nigerians are not fools. Many Nigerians, even the ones fiercely against Buhari, are scared stiff of their jobs. Forget the grammar of braggadocio; they can all see that the crude oil price is far less than it used to be. They know it would be difficult in such circumstance. Yes they blame Buhari, but they are concerned about their jobs.


How could you call strike because government increased the fuel price to N145/litre when petrol has been selling for between N110-130/litre in Oyo state for over 1 year?  It has been selling for close to N200/litre in cross rivers for over 6 months. It has been selling at between N110-250/litre in many parts of Nigeria without a whimper from NLC. I know NLC has been existing long before now, so what happened then?


NLC should be more concerned about preserving the jobs of her members as we speak.  The country’s financial situation is dire. We can all live in denial, it is our choice.  However the situation is simple: We are carrying the same load as we used to carry when we had money in ‘quantum’. We can decide to believe that the country is very rich when the facts in the accounts show something completely different.  We can continue to theorise about how meagre resources can be managed but we all know what is practically possible.


Bottom line is money.  If Government doesn’t accrue enough money from crude oil sales the problem will not abate. The earlier NLC and her supporters realise this fact the better for everyone. I wished NLC well in my earlier post and I still extend the same wishes…Ewolewoo!!

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