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….And MTN begs (and still begging)….. Group 63 are familiar with this

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….And MTN begs (and still begging)….. Lol!!

If someone had told me that MTN would come down from the high horse she had cocooned herself I would have debated it. However as we speak, the NCC has fined MTN about 5.2 billion dollar!! MTN had been told to pay for her deliberate infractions.


MTN was giving specific instructions by the NCC which MTN deliberately flouted.  The regulatory ethics of registering her subscribers was jettisoned by MTN. Now MTN is not delaying in talking. There is no industrial court to help MTN in this case. They cannot push for adjournment in this case. They have been boxed to a corner by the FG. They have failed in their mission of coercion and suppression. MTN must pay the money.


They ran to the FG. They tried to “toast” the VP.  It never worked. MTN has been told to pay. This is the real issue. MTN is not having it funny with the FG. With oil price falling at this rate, eyes dey red o!!  This is not the best time to incur any fine from the F.G. Nobody would hear your pleas I tell you.  MTN has now entered one chance bus.

We would have found a way to say something for MTN in this instance. However, it is very difficult for that. We have a case in court where MTN sacked her staff, 63 of them. Some of these staff members have worked for MTN for 8 years as full members of staffs. The problem is not in the firing, as any firm can hire and fire. The problem is the way it was done. MTN sacked them with a month pay off only. All attempts to make MTN see reason has either been jettisoned or derided.


Now MTN is having a listening ear in the presidency. Yet MTN has refused to allow these hapless citizens enjoy the opportunity she (MTN) is enjoying in the presidency. MTN executives came to Nigeria to negotiate how this problem could be solved.  However, MTN has blatantly refused the opportunity of allowing these former staffs enjoy such privilege.  They are not wasting anytime in putting pressure on the FG but they don’t want to be pressured into doing same for their former members of staff.


We are in a revolving world where there would always be a mightier being somewhere around. MTN never thought anyone would do to her what she is doing to her former staff members. It is a fact of life that the same way those guys were feeling disillusioned at the “engineered delay and postponement” of the court case against MTN is currently happening to MTN.

The opportunity to be mean is not the prerogative of only one person. MTN is currently finding out that the same pains being suffered by her 63 former members of staffs is similar to her current pains with the FG.

MTN cannot escape this…Ewolewoo!!

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