The anti-corruption drama: Someone needs to stop it

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In our last posts  on Lamorde and EFCC  we emphasized the reasons delay could be dangerous in fighting corruption. When you delay, you give the alleged culprits the opportunity to manoeuvre. It is more complicated if the culprits have the means to do so. If you check the landscape very well, it is sounding very prophetic. This one tire me o!!

One of the ministers in the last regime don come out. He is threatening fire and brimstone. He said dem nor do naadaa. In his opinion, Buhari is just calling them tief, tief, tief. “why?’’ he said.  To him, the legacy of President Jonathan cannot just be rubbished.  Very soon you would read about  the formation of the  ” association of Jonathan ministers” in the Nigerian newspapers.  You would wonder whether those applicants that died in National stadium and other stadia due to the scam of the immigration employment promo that was propagated by the former minister of internal affairs meant something to this man. Wetin concern am, im pikin nor die since dem nor even need am.

Who do I blame in this confusion? I am sorry I have to blame the President in this case. He has allowed EFCC and ICPC current leadership to “hijack” the anti-corruption crusade he said he is waging. He allowed people, who were hitherto, not interested in fighting corruption form ‘activities’ on it. They have wittingly damped the motion in this game. Shouting about fighting corruption is not the same as actually fighting it. EFCC and ICPC as they are currently constituted have proven that they are clogs in the wheel of progress.  They can’t fight naaatin!!

If Lamorde were interested in fighting corruption, Fayose would have had his case finished in court before even contesting. If lamorde is interested in Fighting corruption Abubakar Audu would have known if he is guilty or not of the alleged corruption case. He is now going to contest election. Imagine!! If lamorde were interested in anti-corruption, Rasheed Ladoja’s case would have been completed. Lamorde said he had case against saraki’s wife but he nor fit charge am to court. Now he don become suspect because saraki don carry im own case against am come out. Is this the person to fight corruption with Buhari?

We have written a lot to prove that EFCC, as it is, neither have the will, zeal nor capability in “looking straight” into big people’s  faces.  They have dilly dallied, they have obscured and above all they have brought unnecessary drama into a simple act of prosecution I tell you.  ICPC is another case in confusion, they are just there. They have proven to be anything but anti-corruption agency. The confusion is palpable.

I want to assume the President is serious about this corruption fight. If he is, then he must do away with charlatans. For example,  I don’t know the proofs he is looking for before bringing in the former Minister of internal affairs and former Immigration comptroller to book. They scammed Nigerians in their employment wayo.  The facts are there in the open. With this, the “association of former ministers” would see that a member has a serious case in his hands. Dem go no say nor be talk again.

Meanwhile, the President needs to understand that the inability of the government and any of the agencies to bring people to book is beginning to sound like one of the comedy shows in Lagos. He should also understand, as we have been seeing  it,  that the anti-corruption agencies, as presently constituted, cannot do much in this regard. Reason: Their leaders do not believe in fighting big time corruption.

They have given hope to people who should have ordinarily covered their faces in shame with their drama. Let’s hope the drama is at its end…..Ewolewoo!!!

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