Anti corruption Fight: You are on your own

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The Appeal court justices “ran away” from giving their judgement on this Saraki issue. I know they have their “plans” but we are still watching. The alacrity with which the justices handled his case only reinforced what many were thinking of as regards their likely judgement. If you now juxtapose it with the confidence displayed by Saraki’s supporters in court today, it could only give you a guess as to where the final judgement would go. In Nigeria, a big man is not supposed to go to court and be embarrassed. The “embarrassment” is only reserved for “we”. Na so we see am o!


This is the only country where a suspect in a case of common theft would have people who would support him on the basis that “he is not the only one”. The logic that he is not the only one qualifies him to be left off the hook in their opinion.  The other day was  Godswill Akpabio was arrested by the EFCC. He had a petition brought against him by someone. The petitioner gave his address and name. He didn’t come as a group or association. It means he could be taken to court for defamation. Akpabio has refused to do that as we speak.


The petitioner gave specific account numbers. He provided specific properties that were bought by Akpabio with specific addresses in Nigeria and abroad. He submitted  dates and time. He was very clear about how, when and what Akpabio did with over a 100 billion naira. He was very detailed. That EFCC is dancing around is not the issue as we are all used to Lamorde’s antics. Lamorde and his EFCC are another case study in deliberate self-imposed delay tactics and obfuscation.


The issue is this: Akpabio has supporters and the supporters are not few. Ask for their defence of Akpabio? They would tell you that Amaechi and Fashola were not dealt with by EFCC despite their petitions so why deal with Akpabio.  Can you imagine that?  You catch a suspect and his defence is that others are not dealt with? This is the standard defence of any Nigerian politician and with the courts by their sides; no big time suspect would be apprehended.  If the sole reason the appeal court is looking into Saraki’s case is because of “political witch-hunt” then  there is real trouble I tell you.


Let anyone who is caught defend himself. Allow anyone on the wrong side of the anti corruption agencies talk for himself. Appeal court should allow Saraki prove his case with everyone. He owes his supporters and his critics alike the opportunity of knowing that his assets were declared properly. PDP should allow Akpabio prove his case. Akpabio himself alluded to this fact in his first EFCC visit. Trying to tell us that others were not invited is not a defence.  It makes no sense at all. Whoever is caught should start talking and singing..

This whole thing is becoming funny…Ewolewoo!!!

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Ik Uremeh

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  1. Jude Chinwe October 20, 2015 at 8:24 pm -  Reply

    A certain masquerade in my town will always flug itself first to show everybody that there is no mercy if it caughts you. Buhari could have started this his corruption whatever with his close friends whom their corrupt cases are too open so as to show Nigerians his ready ness to fight corruption rather than nominating them fit ministerially appointment even with all the petitions against them.

  2. Christopher Ilogho October 21, 2015 at 4:32 am -  Reply

    You have not made any point at all. Your article amplified the growing intellectual dwarfism now plagueing the nation. No law can be called a law if it is discriminatory and not applicable to all. No justice system can be said to be legitimate if it is discriminatory. Facts of Fashola’s complicity are from the books of his own government records. Indictment of Amaechi are in the white paper of a judicial commission of enquiry which gave Amaechi fair hearing. But petition against Akpabio are well detailed projections without evidence from the imagination of a disgruntled malicious element. The protests of PDP and Akpabio’s supporters are legitimate as long as EFCC ignores the charges against Fashiola and Amaechi and goes after Akpabio who is in the opposition. Three thieves went to rob, and were caught, you took a hard look at them and say “two of you that dressed like me, go free, but this one that looks like my enemy, enter the cell”. Is that justice? Don’t the onlookers have right to scream blue murder? Shame!

  3. vicomania October 22, 2015 at 8:39 am -  Reply

    PMB and his crusade to eradicate corruption will be a failure if Bukola Saraki scale thru. This is a man that stole all the fortunes of Kwara State and shared them with his family. Buhari you’ll be a failure if you compromise….. As for those corrupt senator that are supporting Saraki, you’ll not see peace in life.

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