Ben Murray-Bruce, C’mon sense says: Pay back 11 billion naira debt of yours. Stop dodging..

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The business premises of Senator Ben Bruce were closed today in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. The companies affected are Silverbird Galleria Limited, Silverbird Promotions Limited and Silverbird Showtime Limited. What is the problem? Senator Ben Bruce collected loans of up to 11 billion naira from the Union Bank and he has refused to pay back. Am I surprised? The answer is No!! This is a classic example of the Billionaire announcing Nigerians. No Fraudulent billionaire should be spared public shame. If you don’t want Public shame, make clean money. Simple!!


This man is the proponent of common sense but what he has done is nothing but Fraud in the extreme. I know what he would do soon; he would announce that he’s being persecuted for his political learning. He would want to change the topic from his loans to his opposition to Buhari. Will he have supporters? Ofcourse he would. However he must pay back the money he owes.


When Ben Bruce wanted to build the Galleria, he didn’t have money. He went to many banks which refused him.  Later, he was able to meet the Union Bank MD then, who agreed to finance his dream project. Would I blame Union Bank? No!!  It was a risk they decided to take. After Building the Galleria, Ben started chasing other “things” but the money was not rolling in as projected. Under Pressure from Union Bank to pay, Ben turned to Politics. He wanted to be the Governor of Bayelsa state. He knows that was the surest way to settle his various loans. When that failed, President Jonathan helped him out with AMCON as a cushioning instrument to buy off his loans from the union Bank. AMCON saved him in 2011 and he instantly became a Jonathan Forever merchant. Who wouldn’t be?


Due to his closeness to President Jonathan, he  refused to settle his loans in whatever manner. Mind you, it wasn’t that Silverbird or some of his companies were not making some money, it was more of the fact that he felt he shouldn’t pay. With his closeness then to Aso rock, he was able to shield himself from re-paying his loans. This is depositors’ money mind you. If this wasn’t fraud, what should you call it?


Sensing that he couldn’t just rely on just being private citizen with billions of naira as debt, he fought tooth and nail to be a senator. With Jonathan’s connections he secured the senator’s seat.  To him, that was a kind of semi-immunity. He could use that leverage to stall anything. However, something critical happened against him; Goodluck Jonathan lost his election.  Immediately that happened, AMCON Pressure mounted. He had to pay.


Due to this, he tried his best to use his senatorial position as a bargaining chip against Buhari. He tried all he could to get close to the man, Forget all his public grandstanding.  He, immediately, turned himself to an ardent critic of the government. He was practically doing everything and anything to project himself in the light of an opposition critic. Unfortunately for him, the Aboki doesn’t understand too much turenchi. Too much English makes way for many complications for the mallam at the top.  He(Ben Bruce) needs to pay up.


This now sums up my analysis all along, why is it difficult for people to be billionaires without Government massive waivers in their business dealings? Senator Ben Bruce is making so much mouth in the public because of 11 billion naira loan that he collected. He’s a very big man on top of ordinary people’s money. Is that not reverse common sense?

Ben Bruce has a date with history. He should open a verifiable discussion with AMCON and pay the 11 billion naira that he owes. He must settle this money and it has to be clear to him that he has no way out of this.

There’s no one to hold AMCON for him. He should understand that he’s on his own. This time neither Saraki nor Ekwerenmadu can save him. He needs to pay up. It is depositors’ money and they need their money.

Senator Ben Bruce, Paying back your loan is the common-sense thing to do….Ewolewoo!!

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