billionaire public officers: where’s the money?

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Nyako, Ohakim, Lamido and Oransanye now understand what it means to be accused of being “thieves”. When a public officer starts having billions pass through his accounts then there is a problem.


Just read through their charge sheets and you would be surprised that Nigeria is still surviving. Ofcourse they’re still on trial.Yes, they are still “innocent until proven guilty.However, we sabi wetin we sabi. We all know what these guys know. Money dey hide under pillow.


Where are the bankers who allow these money movements? Where are the regulators that made the money move in the system without any security detection? Once you see these guys, just remember pensioners that have died looking for their money. Think of the workers being owed months of salary arreas once you set your eyes on these characters. Why would there be money in the treasury with these “red eyed” guys? We know evry..


EFCC is given 3 months right from their court arrangements to conclude these cases.  If in 3 months nothing is done, the assumption is simple: Lamorde and his people have collected their cuts.No one is ready to watch daily adjournments of cases till they are forgotten. No one is ready for the drama of contrived delays. No story o!!!


I have totally decided to remain very quiet. …have I not been?? Ewolewooooo!!!

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