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Budget Padding: APC should steer clear of this matter

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Why should the APC stop Jibrin from talking? Why should the APC enter the fray between “two competing crooks”?  Why should the APC assume a power she never had in the first place? I don’t get it. Dogara is an APC rep but he never became the speaker through APC. APC wanted another candidate for speakership but Dogara told them to go to hell. He was installed by the PDP as the speaker. Please read this:  http://saharareporters.com/2015/06/08/national-assembly-leadership-pdp-adopts-saraki-and-dogara-senate-president-and-house.  So how could the APC claim the show when she was never part of the preparation in anyway?


Jibrin was one of Dogara’s henchmen during the pitch battles period with the APC establishment. He was Dogara’s man-Friday. They know each other very well. No matter what Dogara tries to spin, the man displaying his inner crooked dealings is a man that has been his close confidant. In a court of Law, if the person prosecuting you has as his witness your close confidant, then, you are in big trouble. Dogara cannot escape this. Since this story broke out he has been dodging and playing games. Jibrin has laid the facts out but Dogara is not ready to defend himself.


APC needs to steer clear of this matter.  This is not an APC thing. The party is totally inconsequential in this matter. The two protagonists never gave APC any leeway when they wanted to get their positions in the house. So what is APC’s business here? Is APC going to support Leo Ogor PDP(House Minority Leader) too? They should stay on their lane o!!


Dogara is very scared as we speak. He is doing everything he can to see President Buhari. He wants Buhari to instruct the EFCC and Police not to investigate the matter. He is very wrong. This matter is not going into the cooler. He must tell us how 40 billion naira insertion became 40k. He must tell us what made him suggested that billions be added to the budget for his, and his cronies, personal use. Was he dreaming of this when he wanted to be speaker? Was he thinking of this when he was planning of usurping everyone in his caustic ambition?  He has no choice than to talk. Running to Aso Rock for Buhari’s intervention would never work.


Nigerians should learn to call a thief a thief. We should stop speaking too much complicated grammar when a thief is caught. Dogara has been busted. He has been tackled to the floor. He has been cornered. Dogara is now reacting the way a cornered thief reacts. For Dogara to bring in the APC, that he looked at with utmost contempt, shows the measure of extreme desperation on his side. This man needs to be bundled out of that place. The mere fact that he’s still feeding fat on government largesse as the speaker is a total disgrace to any sense of decency.


Dogara should be told that his time is up. A thief caught in the market place doesn’t leave there with the same face he came with. He would be lucky to leave there alive. Dogara’s only luck is that he’s in a country where chopping is condoned and nurtured. Or else…..Ewolewoo!!

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