Buhari: A sick man in the middle of unforgiving foes…

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Some people are angry at our sick president. They threatened to go to the national assembly to protest the fact that he’s sick. They want him to step down. A sick man is not being sympathised with for being sick. He’s being bashed and abused for it. He handed over government in accordance with  the constitution yet the attacks are unrelenting. Would the bashing continue? Of course it will with added vigour.

In a set up where the meaning of becoming famously rich and being poor depends on the closeness to the government of the day, I really understand this fact. In a country where being very sharp depends on how good you can be in manipulating government policies to your advantage, I can get it.


I cannot in good conscience fight against a man who showed disgust at how Dasuki “dismounted” a whopping  US$2.1 billion. Till this day, Dasuki has not been able to explain how this amount basically disappeared. I cannot be against a man who has made life uncomfortable for someone like Deziani. A lady who believes in stealing for herself and cronies than to even be a robin hood for the Niger Deltans. With Buhari, I know Fayose collected over 1 billion naira from Government, which he never denies, to contest election.  No one has pointed at any company, hotel, offshore accounts associated to either Buhari or his wife. I respect a man who has kept his wife in check which many before him have failed to do. The wife of his Predecessor is still contesting one of the accounts amounting to 15million dollars yet she was supposed to be a Permanent secretary in Bayelsa state. Just imagine that!!I can go on…


I am a fan of a President who demands that Government money becomes Government money. If what the banks are doing with TSA and hiding funds is not disgusting then I wonder what is.  I knew he would find this difficult because it is corruption that runs our economy. At least he gave fighting corruption a shot. He might not be perfect but he gave his best.


I have written so much about the economy that I wouldn’t want to repeat much. I haven’t seen anything that has either invalidated or controverted my write-ups  on Our economy. How Buhari ‘caused’ the down-fall of an economy that is totally dependent on crude oil baffles me. Jonathan struggled when oil was US$120/barrel . However Buhari is expected to perform miracles with crude oil Price that fell at some point below $30/barrel  few weeks after inauguration. Mind you, the expenditure didn’t change infact it increased markedly. I knew the economy would struggle. That was a no-brainer.


Buhari is the President. He would remain the President till 2019 unless God decides otherwise. He won the election fair and square. Anyone who wants to contest can have the floor in 2019.  He’s entitled to the best treatment the system can afford because he is the President and he deserves it.  As a Nigerian, I pray for the swift recovery of My President. However, until anything out of the ordinary happens, the name of the President and Commander in chief of the Armed forces of Nigeria till May 29 2019 will remain Mohammadu Buhari.

For Mr President, I still remain a fan….

I haven’t said nadaa…..I hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you…Ewolewooo!!


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