Still on Buhari appointment matters….

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Let’s just take a cursory look at the last regime. The former President, minister of petroleum, minister of Finance and minister of works hailed from the same area(south-south). The economic prosperity in that area should be a new study in human economic emancipation. Twale!!!

How is Bayelsa now? Infact how is Yenogoa as we speak? Someone told me that if you go to Yenogoa it has been turned to Dubai. Well I do not disagree with this because Yenogoa would have enjoyed the blessings associated with having the President and the minister of Petroleum for the last 5 years.  Having the oil minister, in addition to having the President, from that area has really paid the south south as a whole I tell you. Enjoyment scatter…..chai!!

All the oil exploration companies  EPCC contracts that are being handled in the oil industry are being done in south south. Yes!! Go to Bayelsa, you would see many very functional yards constructed by Hyundai, Samsung, etc where a lot of Bayelsans have been Employed. Go to Warri, a lot has been happening there too for the last 5 years. We have got a lot of oil-equipment tools being manufactured in that area thereby making many people in Warri very engaged. Infact the town has been turned to a bubbling industrial city. Go to warri and see wonders!!!

Portharcourt is a model that a city like London should follow. The town is the adopted town of our former President and with the oil minister coming from that area, it has been a blessing I tell you. Portharcourt is now Eldorado.. super exquisite town with unmatched federal infrastructures. With the combination of the Former Finance minister, Petroleum minister and President laying a claim to the south-south, the place is now everyone’s envy. The economic prosperity is just too overwhelming I tell you.. Wu wan try??

The Former Finance minister can claim both Abia and Delta state. She could claim dual combination which is a blessing for the south-south and south east. You only need to visit Umuahia or Aba and enjoy the massive federal presence that those towns have enjoyed. They are model cities I tell you. Just take a trip to the south east and enjoy why going to California for holidays is just a waste of money. The federal presence in that area can make other parts of Nigeria cry without end of envy..

The former works minister is a native of Edo state. He’s south-south indigene too. This added to the reason every federal roads in the south-south were completed with alacrity. Infact the east-west road has been completed with top quality inputs. If you want to see road engineering and construction wonder, please drive through the east-west road. You would really understand why appointments must come from “öur” areas really.  All roads were done and have been finished in ways that the devil will be ashamed.

Above all,  these ministers are now billionaires in their own rights. They are doing big “things” with money right now. Likewise many people in the south-south  are living life the way “sheikhs” live in the Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia. I understand why the agitation of appointments must be taken seriously o!!

Buhari needs to understand that Nigeria democracy means” democracy”. There must be “democracy” in the chopping. Government is the national cake and ‘everyone must be carried along’. If he is looking for example Jonathan has set the pace…. If not, we nor go gree ooo!!! Ewolewoo!!

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