Buhari has allowed his avowed enemies to seize the narrative. Sad!!

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Buhari committed an error that has come back to haunt him. He pitied people who stole with their backers. He allowed his corruption fight to be distracted by the same people who are now pummelling him with reckless abandon.  He has allowed them to practically seize the narrative and he’s, unfortunately, worse for it.

How can people tell us to move on when Jonathan and his aides practically ransacked the treasury? If Patience Jonathan could shamelessly claim, in open court, that 31.4 million dollars in an account in skye bank is hers, then, there’s problem.  We are talking about an account in this instance; your guess is as good as mine if she is properly vetted on all her accounts. Why people don’t see the correlation between the massive looting during Jonathan’s time and the downward spiral of the economy right now is a mystery to me. I don’t blame them. I blame Buhari.


I don’t know when  an individual’s past mistakes bear no influence in his/her present predicaments. How could you move on without stress when the money you hoped on had been wickedly squandered? To make matters worse, the same individuals, who should be in jail, are advising the Government on what it ought to do.  This is a turn-around only made for the Mafioso.


If anyone says Jonathan left money, let the individual tell us how much OBJ left for Yaradua. Then, how much Yaradua left for Jonathan. He should now tell us the amount Jonathan left for Buhari. If the amount OBJ and Yaradua left is not substantially different from the amount Jonathan left for Buhari then I just shudder why Jonathan is a free man. During Jonathan’s period we enjoyed substantial increment in crude oil price, with no militants attacks, which only translated to making some people multi-billionaires. Then, you find many Nigerians in Forbes list of richest individuals. They made the list, not because of anything tangible, but their access to power. Additionally, you find many civil servants and public officials as billionaires out of nothing. What were we expecting?  That it would be fine ever after? I really blame buhari I must tell you.


Buhari placed his trust in a system that hasn’t worked and would not work. He should have created his path to getting people pay for their sins. Saraki is in court for raping his state blind, yet he is lecturing us about economic growth. Can you beat that? Fayose’s allies are in court for stealing, yet he is parroting that Nigeria cannot grow because of poor leadership. Does it make sense? Tompolo is a billionaire for stealing his people’s  money, yet, Tompolo must be part of the peace-makers in the Niger-delta. We have a first lady whom, in all intent and purposes, has admitted to owning multi-billion naira accounts in banks, yet her supporters tell us that she did no wrong. The same supporters of Patience  are shouting that Buhari has failed.  How would Buhari succeed when his predecessor’s wife former  is a multi-billionaire by her own admission?


Buhari allowed these characters to easily manoeuvre him out of jail. He has allowed the courts to obfuscate and totally mess up his anti-corruption drive. Funny enough, the same people have turned around to accuse him of incompetence. Buhari doesn’t want to disturb Jonathan’s personal peace, yet the same close friends of Jonathan have turned on him(buhari) and have made him look so terrible. The man on the street has been made to believe that there’s money with the Government but buhari is “warehousing” it. On that score; Buhari is being touted as a wicked man. This is quite unfortunate.  Buhari has allowed them to seize the narrative which is sad.

Buhari has to find a way of making his case to the people. The way it is; he has allowed the same people who raped the system out of normalcy to have a powerful come-back.  Are they winning? I’m sorry Mr president, they surely have the upper hand….Ewolewoo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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