Buhari is back, but his haters are still caustic.

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The President is back and you would think the people who were shouting that he comes back would at least wish him well. Naaah!! The hate in them has so taken over their mind-sets that they wished he never came back. Of course in their public mantra they said he must come back. The President is sick and all what some people wanted was for him to just disappear. Bad belle!!

The sad thing about this is that they were not condemning him for acting unconstitutionally. They didn’t attack him that he never handed over. They just wanted to make him look bad. How some people would wake up and treat their sick President with demonstrations just because he’s sick, when he never broke any law, is beyond me.

I never saw these demonstrations to Protest the fact that Jonathan gave Dasuki 2.1 billion dollars to share. I know many Nigerians would never take this if their  family inheritance were handled dasuki’s style. These demonstrations are nowhere to be found as Deziani’s never ending sleaze are being discovered in their billions on daily basis. They’re not interested in the monumental corruption of the past 10 years that has virtually crippled us as a nation. Instead they want the man who has made it possible for them to see the extent of the corruption rot to just Vamoose. It would never happen.

Buhari is back. Yes he’s a sick man, but that is how it is. There’s nothing that debars him from being sick like any other human being. However, insofar he is the C-in-C, he would continue to enjoy maximum privilege befitting the President of Nigeria as regards his treatment. If you want it, Register and contest in 2 years’ time.  No one can become President through the backdoor (aka shonekan’s style), you must contest a Presidential election. It’s either you do so or you stay in your house.

I know Buhari would still be attacked by the same people who demanded he came home. I know they would still doubt that he climbed down the staircase of the Presidential jet. I know they would say he didn’t undergo the military guards of honour. I know they would still attack him in their ceaseless manner.  The hate would never abate I know. The news for them is simple: Wait till May 29th 2019.

Welcome Mr President. I wish you the best in your recovery. It shall be well with my President… Ewolewooo!!

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