Buhari and his “ministers”: Corruption is the issue

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Buhari and his “ministers”…

Very soon, the president would start announcing the names of his minister. Fine!!  What do we need? what we need in Nigeria to get things done are not only the names of individuals. What we really need are the structures to get things done. The structures that would not be based corruption but on service to the country.  I will pick some cases..

Let me tell you something about how corruption can be so mindless to us’even on individual basis, in very plain terms. There was a 3rd year accounting student (Oluchi Anekwe) of the University of Lagos who got struck by a high voltage cable on her way from her devotional service. She died of that incident. She could still have died nomatter what I agree due to the electric cable.


However, that’s not the whole story. The real gist is this: The University has no robust emergency service for first aid either on the spot or at the medical centre for the victim. This is supposed to be a scandal but who cares?? I know the university authorities would disagree with this , however  you can please take a stroll to the centre and check the kind of equipments they’ve got.  The medical  centre nor get naadaa!! It’s just there as another money collecting centre from the students during registration without much to do in such volatile incident. Mind you, tell the university authorities to show you the amount they have budgeted for health and welfare of the students for the year. They would buckle because if they showed you, you would wonder wetin happen. This is the general case in many universities where public money is involved. No accountability, naadaa!! Just chop and Whack.. Education level in Nigeria means nothing when chopping is involved o!! Just whack!!


Would they(University authorities) escape this tragedy? Would anyone resign because of this on campus? For wia!!  The authorities would just take it as normal. However, if we’ve got a functional Ministry of education with the right structures this is the time to come in. This is the time to check the budget of the school against what has been spent. This is the time to look into the subvention that the school has gotten from the federal government against what is on ground.  We all know that this would never happen. E don go and na so e be. The family of Anekwe has, unfortunately, tasted what a corrupt system could mortally destroy.

Mr Anekwe,  You have to take heart o!! That’s the system. The loss is yours and yours only. No one would take any blame whatsoever. May her soul rest in peace.

Now on Justice, we need an attorney general that would not be bothered with his bank accounts. We need a chief law officer that would be less interested in how the dollar bills would look like in his hands. We need someone who would be less interested in striking “oil deals” or ”offshore financial deals’’. We need someone that would take this anti-corruption war head on and kick the EFCC and ICPC in the ass.

If you leave this anti-corruption war to the EFCC as it were, naatin would be done. You would continue to hear  these in the media:” arrest today, undergoing  interrogation tomorrow, then admistrative bail (same tomorrow)”, end of the story.  We need an Attorney General that would walk into the office of the Chief Justice the day after his appointment and demand fast track trial for corruption cases. A situation in which a Saraki is instituting probes to divert attention from his own outstanding corruption issues is the height of comical foolery in the system. Whether he is instituting probes or not shouldn’t shield him from his own issues. Very soon, the former minister of Aviation(stellar Oduah) would come out with allegations of theft against EFCC if something is not done about that organization. Why couldn’t she? Is she not a senator too? The Attorney General has to be firm and TOTAL. This is an emergency.

We need a minister of Finance that would go into customs and demand quarterly money into federation accounts of 7 trillion naira. If he/she couldn’t see the money then it is being stolen unless there are solid and irrefutable explanations to explain why it couldn’t happen.  Nigeria is an importing nation with a population of over 170 million people. How come we are not making such money? How come customs men are among the richest Nigerians? Leave mata biko!!

Apart from that, the Finance minister must be on bumper to bumper basis with the Oil minister(who is the NNPC board chairman) and the CBN Governor.  Nigeria deserve to be one of the richest nations on earth, and it is the duty of the Finance minister to always make sure that the books are up to date with our avowed potential.  This is not rocket science as it can be done. People should leave the complex grammar and look at the books.

The President must demand results and results he should be seen to get..Ewolewoo!!!



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