To Buhari: Nor be small tin o!!

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Buhari don see somtin. Some people have sworn, in their hearts, that Buhari would never succeed. Some have decided that no matter what, they shall propagate everything and anything that is “bad” against Buhari. Anything he says is “derisorily scrutinised”. How he says what he says is “maligned” in the most audacious manner. The way he walks is “condemned” in any way condemnation can be described. His actions are analysed by the same people as no actions. Don’t ever tell them anything “good” about Buhari, infact anything that is good never emanated from him  it started before him. However, any bad stuff you are seeing now is as a result of him.  O dikwa egwu o!!

Imagine, Olisah metuh of the PDP said that PDP would never hang the portrait of a sitting President in their buildings. Just imagine that!!  Buhari is not their president, he is the President of APC not of Nigeria. However, they can criticize him as President. Are they criticizing him in his capacity as the Nigerian President or the President of APC?  This hatred is turning into a serious obsession o!! I thought the elections are over. We have the winners and the losers now. People need to move on. I know it is falling on some “deaf ears”.

A sitting President declared 30 million naira as his liquid cash yet they attacked. Mind you these are die-hard supporters of a Jonathan who never declared naatin. He (Jonathan) told everyone  who cared to listen that he would never declare and he didn’t give a damn. Please ask those people about their stated reactions when Jonathan said so, they would tell you it never mattered yet they still supported him. However, they would tell you that Buhari had 1 million naira sometime ago and 30 million naira now, and that to them this is supposed to be “death by firing squad” offence.  For 30 million naira?? Ask them that Jonathan as vice President declared over 500 million naira in 2007 but no declarations in 2011 and 2015 they would wave it aside. This hatred has overtaken reasoning I tell you. Just compare 500 million naira declaration as a sitting vice President in 2007 to 30 million naira declaration by a sitting President in 2015 and you would understand the level of the hate mind-set.

The President is attacked by his appointments in manners that you would believe that political appointments in Nigeria always solve things. I want to know how Jonathan’s “politically correct appointments” solved things? I have however found out something curious in these attacks, the governor of the CBN (where all our Nigeria moni dey) and the GMD of NNPC( the company that has over 90% of our revenue) are from the same state.  In their write ups it doesn’t matter I tell you. It is just attack, attack and attack. They would even tell you that the CBN governor was not appointed by Buhari. However he still appointed the man from his (CBN governor) state as NNPC GMD. I know how this would have panned out if it were otherwise. The president can choose his team the way he deems fit. We should be bothered about delivery in this country.

When committed supporters of someone who believe that “stealing is not corruption” start parroting anti-corruption crusades and credentials then there is trouble. When die-hard supporters of a former President, who said he didn’t give a damn about openly declaring his assets, start attacking in ferocious manners someone who did it then wahala dey. When People start bothering about 30 million naira in 2015 declaration but gave no damn about 500 million naira declaration in 2007 then the hatred has turned into an incurable obsession.

For Buhari, he should understand that he has  people who would want him to fail and still blame him. That he even won is a nightmare to them in all ramifications. For them, waking up to everyday reality of buhari presidency is serious punishment to their souls. Their anger knows no bound anytime they see him on TV. Anything, and I mean anything he does stands condemned. Nothing else matters unless you bring back the man who said “stealing is not corruption” by hook or by crook.

Nor be small tin o!!! Ewolewoo!!



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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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