Buhari has submitted his ministerial list yet you’re still sad…

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As Buhari submits his ministerial list…

Sometimes I don’t understand what some people really want. It seems some have really developed a locked mindset attribute to the buhari presidency. I really don’t get it.

You said you wanted the man to get his ministers so as to understand his mindset. You railed against him for delaying in nominating his ministers. Infact as far as you were concerned his delay is killing the economy. You wrote and screamed. Now what is happening? The man has finally come out with his ministerial list, yet you want it delayed. It must be delayed after yelling for 4 months? Are you not supposed to scream that the list is given expeditious hearing as we have wasted so much time?


You said you haven’t seen the list. You said you must know the ministers. You said this kind of “go-slow attitude” is killing the system. You said you can’t wait to get the ministers in all the federation. You said and said… The man has released his ministerial nominees list yet you want the senators to introduce “complications” that would delay the  screening process. You support all the rantings from the senators with the sole aim of further delaying what you just couldn’t wait to get going.  What exactly is your point?

You said our economy is not working because there is lack of economic team. However, you are in the forefront of the people urging the senators to introduce what they have refused display. You want the senators to make sure that the ministers are rejected just because you can’t stand the sight of buhari as your President.  Your anger is not really against the ministerial nominees, your anger is just against the Person of the president. I don’t understand. This man is ruling till 2019 and you have to learn to get over it.


If you were angry that Buhari delayed in nominating his ministers, then your interest should be on the non-delay of the vetting process. If you were concerned that the non-appointment of the ministers is delaying businesses, then you should push those senators to inject fewer complications in the vetting processes because businesses are suffering as you claimed. If you were not happy because of the delay in cabinet appointments, then, you shouldn’t be rejoicing when senators start giving impressions that they would constitute obstacles to the smooth sailing of the ministerial nominees. Unless you are happy that ministerial appointments are delayed and you are happier that further delays are coming from the senators. If not, I just don’t get the point.


The President has appointed the ministers that he wants to work with, it only pays that they are allowed to start their job immediately without unnecessary delay and contrived distractions. If you were one of those people who was a critic of the fact that there was unnecessary delay, this is your time to tell the senators that they shouldn’t make themselves the issue.

In 2019, the only individual who would either be blamed or praised would be Buhari. No one would blame Saraki in 2019. No one would mention Dogara in 2019. Like you all know, the only individual who suffered in 2015 was Jonathan. David Mark is still in the system. Aminu Tambuwal is still enjoying himself as a Governor. Where is Jonathan? He is in Otuoke.  So this is Buhari’s call and not any other person. He would take the hit or the applause at the end of the day. No other person would  no matter what you say today.

Someone should tell those jesters to give space biko!! Ewolewoo!!  you can follow us on twitter @Ewolewoo1

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