Buhari’s asset declaration: Other public officers, Let’s have yours…

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The President and his Vice just declared their assets. Waaat???? This is very serious o!! Now we’ve got to look at things I tell you.

He said he has 30 million naira in his bank account. Haa!! It would be difficult for people to comprehend this na. We are used to Presidents having things that you can only dream of. We are not used to Presidents just having this kind of “tintini moni” biko!!  Many people who are avid supporters of the last regime would understand better.  This kind of money nor be am o!!

He said he has cattles, sheeps, horses and birds. To even make matters worse he has homes in Daura. Which kind of poverty lifestyle be ds? He doesn’t have oil blocks? He doesn’t have companies that he is their chairman? He doesn’t have oil tankers that are his own? He doesn’t have properties  in Asokoro, maitama, Ikoyi, banana Island or VI? He doesn’t  have his own private university? He doesn’t have oil royalties paid to him as complimentary service? He doesn’t have a running contract service with NNPC or LNG ? He doesn’t have companies fronting for him in the burgeoning Power sector? He hasn’t been in touch with the Indians or Chinese investors who would agree to be fronting for him in their businesses? You mean the President could only boast of cattles and sheeps? Nah, Nah, Nah, he fall my hand o!!

Why is he now trying to put the Past president who said: even if you criticise him till heaven falls he would never declare his assets”, into ‘stammering mode’? Why is he trying to make things difficult na? This declaration of assets by the President has set up wahala o!!  His vice President has declared his own too. Wahala dey o!!.

Now over to you the senate President; Wetin you get? Let us quantify your assets. The Governors nko? You guys have to come out o!!  You cannot hide in your states. Tell us what you’ve got. The President don spoil show. The intending ministers should understand that since  Oga has declared his own assets they must tell us what they’ve got too.  The secretary to the Federal Government, wey  you? You have to tell us your worth also. This is not the time to play ostrich I tell you. Oga don spoil show already.  Political appointees  Oya o!! we need to know what’s cooking inside the kitchen. You all cannot hide behind a finger. Onyishi  has shown his own. Where una? Mind you no one should come with “anticipatory declarations” o!! We all sabi wetin dey..

We can disagree or agree with the content of the asset declaration form. However, that is the major plus to it because we have a basis to agree or disagree with which  we never had in the last regime. We didn’t have the luxury of the former President giving us his  asset declaration form to see. we never had the privilege of knowing what he claimed he has or even had. This is a policy statement from Buhari which needs to be supported If we are actually interested in fighting corruption. We now have a basis to hold him on whenever there are unexplainable changes in his perceived assets.

We believe in the school of thought that says that you cannot be a millionaire in government’s work. Government is not the place to make money. Once you’ve gotten a system where people believe that to easily become a millionaire, you have to be in or around government then there’s a big problem. Everyone would just be whacking the money earmarked for people’s upliftment and the result is chaos. You can only be fooling yourself if you believe that there’s no chaos occasioned by this attitude in the system.

Let the assets of our public officials become the watchword. President Jonathan has an opportunity now to clear his name. He should just declare the assets he had with the COB when he took over power as the President and declare the one as he left the government to show that all this corruption issues nor be am. He should help his supporters by showing say im nor chop anytin.  Sambo can do the same. Deziani can do the same. Okonjo Iweala can do the same. Let your assets speak for you….

For now, the show belongs to Mr President… I hail o!! Ewolewoo!!

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