Bukola Saraki: The Defacto Acting President.

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I have to admit that I underestimated the knowledge of the system by Senator Saraki. I have to concede that I never thought that Saraki understands the loopholes inherent in the system and how to manipulate such to his  massive advantage. He has proven to walk in a farm of thorns and come out unscathed. This guy has defied all odds that would have consumed other politicians.

He was charged for corruption in a tribunal and this was a nothing burger as it concerned his position as senate President. He remained in that position for 2 years despite his being docked. I don’t know any organisation that would still retain the services of someone docked for corruption.  However Saraki survived it.

He was able to manipulate the judicial system to his own advantage. Infact he didn’t do it secretly, it was all in public view. I don’t know how many politicians would do that.

He has made it totally impossible for the EFCC to investigate him. The way he ran Lamorde(The former EFCC boss) out of town is still fresh in our memory.  Magu is just surviving by the sheer grit of Osinbajo, however I’m not ready to bet against Saraki in this game of wits. Saraki has proven time and time again that in these mischievous games of criminal and political manipulations, he is a master. He has shown that others are just boy scouts in a game he’s a field marshal.

Saraki is the only senator in the senate house that has a combo of APC and PDP all embedded in him. The PDP senators take him as theirs. The APC senators equally believe more in him. He can do and undo there. Infact Saraki is senate. Anything against Saraki is taking as  against the senate as a body. How more superb can one get? He has perfected the criminal game and he’s winning.

For now, If you ask me who’s really in charge between Osinbajo and saraki, I would stammer because my head still hears Osinbajo on TV but my spirit knows that Saraki is there lurking powerfully around. I am not ready to discountenance a man who remains in charge of the senate despite being charged for corruption. It just shows how powerful that individual is in the scheme of things.

For Saraki, Your boy dey hail o!!

I nor talk anytin o!! I nor talk nadaa!!  I have decided to keep quiet as usual. Hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you….Ewolewoo!!

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