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    Forget Grammar, stealing is the issue

    The problem of Nigeria is just one simple thing: stealing!!! Call a spade a spade and speak less grammar. It becomes more complicated when Nigerians continue to clap for “thieves”. It still baffles me how we continue to justify the act of blatant “wayoing”. People can spew all the economic theories they learnt in their…

  • Chronicles

    CBN: A lame federal bank in limbo….

    The CBN is scrambling for cover as we speak. The CBN is running helter skater right now. The CBN has come out with a policy banning people from transacting in forex in some ways. Specifically the CBN has greatly limited the amount of forex that can “legitimately”pass through the banking system in Nigeria. The CBN…

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    Nigeria: Where no one accepts responsibility….

    Alex Sabundu Badeh ( the immediate past chief of defence staff) has been talking recently. He has blamed the Nigerian military as lacking in anything imaginable in this boko haram wahala. He has blamed everybody and everything but himself. To imagine that this was the same character that promised Nigerians in 2014 when he was…

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    Dino Melaye: A lesson in Hypocrisy

    Dino Melaye, a senator of the Federal republic, is a “sharp guy”. I saw him as part of the entourage of Toyin Saraki(senate president’s wife) and I was stunned. I wasn’t sure if I saw double or triple pictures registering in my brain. I was really shocked I tell you.. Was this not the same…

  • Chronicles

    Challenges everywhere: It’s our calling…

      There are challenges left, right and centre.And you know what? There will always be. You cannot pray challenges out of your life. That is life. Some people that you know and close to will move up more than you, liking it or not is immaterial. Likewise you will move more than some people you…

  • Chronicles

    House of commotion, senate of confusion

    There are crises in the national assembly. The crises, I suspect, would not abate soon because the complications are mounting daily. You have a Senate President(APC), but was ‘elected’ by the opposition party PDP. He was elected by 57 senators, 49 were PDP while 8 were APC members. Don’t ask me what happened to the…

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