• Chronicles

    He/She must be from my village…

      Let me give you a personal gist, a little story sort of, I used to have an individual from my village who rose so high that he almost became the customs Comptroller General. Infact he rose to the acting position for some months. Did it impact on my people? I doubt it. Apart from being very rich…

  • Chronicles

    Donald trump: A lesson in self believe

    Donald trump is a self-made multi Billionaire and he is running for the Presidency of the United States of America. He is attacking Obama. He is attacking Hilary. He is attacking Jeff Bush. He is just attacking…Once you attack him he comes back at you and he doesn’t give a damn. He made his money…

  • Chronicles

    Bailout: Another chop money…..

    Bailout, bailout and bailout, everyone has a need for bailout. However when state Governors, without shame, starts talking about bailouts as if it’s a right then there is problem. A situation in which the state governors ,that have been collecting federal allocation, suddenly come cap in hand for federal bailout to pay salaries is trouble…

  • Chronicles

    Our internal complex struggles…

    A lot of people have their baggages, some said and some unsaid. Some baggages are hidden until exposed while some remain hidden forever. That’s life nomatter what you think. It happens I tell you.   Some people marry each other while hiding lots of things from one another. They could only tell themselves some snippets…

  • Chronicles

    EFCC: We have seen this gragra before o!!

    Somebody, somewhere even anywhere should tell EFCC that we don see this “gragra” before o. Na today? They should understand that some Nigerians are not “mumu”, we can see very clearly. We all know how to hide meat in our mouths o. All these” guruguru’’ nor mean nadaa to us. They should just do their…

  • Chronicles

    Ngozi Okonjo Iweala: The more you look…

    Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is another study in how Principle is thrown into the bin. I had thought that when you mention “world bank” everyone would stand up in awe of anyone holding an important position of a ”Vice president” of that esteemed institution. However, she showed us that it is all just name and…

  • Chronicles

    Nigeria: Let’s catch the thieves….

    Dateline: June 2015 in China, a very top official Zhou Yongkang was sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption. This guy was a very powerful figure in the communist party in a country of over 1.5 billion people. He was jailed for taking bribes of how much? 13.4 million dollars I tell you. This was a…

  • Chronicles

    YOU: Just believe

    “I used to be rich” na tory ooo!! “I used to be a friend of dangote when we both stayed in kano” makes no sense to the market woman you are bargaining with. “I carried her when she was young now she’s the first lady but behaving funny to me..” is a story for the…

  • Chronicles

    Deziani: A minus to true Amazons

    Mrs Deziani Allison Madueke, the flamboyant former minister of petroleum, who held the Former President Goodluck Jonathan in a ” very sweet part of his being” where Patience never understood or knew existed, is now hiding behind a finger. She is now finding out the true meaning of “backbone at the very top”. Once your…

  • Chronicles

    billionaire public officers: where’s the money?

    Nyako, Ohakim, Lamido and Oransanye now understand what it means to be accused of being “thieves”. When a public officer starts having billions pass through his accounts then there is a problem.   Just read through their charge sheets and you would be surprised that Nigeria is still surviving. Ofcourse they’re still on trial.Yes, they…

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