• Life Experiences

    Na wa o!!!

    There are so many things a lot of people are going through as we speak. Though they look elegant on the outside, but I tell you, looks can really be deceptive. The smiles could just be for your eyes only. It might not be funny I tell you. You have people who have stopped taking…

  • Life Experiences

    You can always survive

    You can always survive if you want…. Have you ever wondered why the gate man(who has 4 kids +wife) on just #30,000/month survives in the same town with someone who receives well over #500,000/month? Yes he is staying in the same town with you. He is neither sick nor incapacitated in anyways with members of…

  • Life Experiences

    Realities: An everyday changing story

    People change and that’s a fact.The mere fact that you picked a “nice” guy literally from the ‘gutters’ and married him might not necessarily mean that he would be that nice if he hits his first million in the marriage. Marrying you at that point might be out of survival necessity. Once the “survival calculus”…

  • Life Experiences

    Learn how to manage egos…

    You visited the house of a friend who is having difficult times because his wife is yet to conceive after 5 years of marriage. You are more interested in telling him about how healthy and brilliant your kids are..I nor dey o!!! A neighbor came to you and informed you that he just lost his…

  • Life Experiences

    E go beta!!!

    Na wa o!!! A man wakes up with absolute nothing in his pocket. The job interview he went for has turned into a ‘circus show’. The other job(or business) his friend told him would be available has turned to ‘story story’. The wife is beginning to look at him as ‘ a mistake’. Somehow he…

  • Life Experiences

    Wisdom: What everyone needs..

    No be small tin ooo!!! People are surely passing through different emotions. The emotions are dealt with on individual level I tell you. Most times the emotions might not be on the same intensity but the stress can still be overwhelming. There is definitely a difference between a man with N200000 in his pocket and…

  • Life Experiences

    People: Why look for trouble?

    Let’s talk!! Why do we look for trouble? You left your village for Lagos or Abuja to hustle. Instead of telling your people that you are still ‘managing’ o, you gave an impression that Lagos is superb. Now everyone wants you to ‘perform’ but you are nowhere to be found. You left Nigeria to the…

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