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Chelsea vs Arsenal: Chelsea is not crying today!!!

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Last week I had cause to complain very bitterly about Mourinho and Chelsea FC.  I was already getting so bothered that my team Chelsea was entering an “unfamiliar territory”. Chelsea was being beaten by teams that should just become anonymous anytime Chelsea FC name is mentioned and that was very painful. I hope today’s match would change things.


Arsenal played against Chelsea today and lost (2-0). Was I happy? As a Chelsea fan, I was and I am still “salivating” the euphoria of Chelsea win. I can understand the anger of the Arsenal fans. They are just too reeled with the fact that a supposedly “weak” Chelsea team couldn’t be defeated. Since everyone had been beating Chelsea, Arsenal and Wenger must have felt that the match with Chelsea was 3 points in the kitty. The disappointment which turned to serious anger spilled over as they lost to Chelsea. Sorry ooo!!!


Diego Costa is suddenly being made a villain in the match. Everyone is now screaming that Diego costa should be sanctioned. This reminds me of what happened in the Carling cup match with Liverpool when the media forced the FA to sanction Diego costa and he was sanctioned. I wouldn’t be surprised if the media forced the FA to deal with him. It has happened before. However I sense something in all these stuffs. I sense the fact that many love Chelsea to lose. Once Chelsea wins it is bedlam!! Every reason is brought out to explain why Chelsea ought not to have won. Why, why, why?

When Chelsea lost to Manchester city FC by 3-0 and Diego costa head was bruised(or broken) by Fernandinho with blood flowing out, I didn’t hear much from the media and the people making so much noise now. If it were the other way round, we for nor hear word. When John Stones held on to costa in the Everton match and we lost, many guys were very happy. You would even see cartoons mimicking how costa was “secured”. It was a very “hilarious” week for Chelsea haters. Chelsea and costa were ridiculed left, right and centre. A lot had things to laugh about as Chelsea fumbled continually.

Sorry folks, this weekend is chelsea’s. To cry and wail is not for Chelsea alone. To roll on the ground with lots of pains due to defeat is not only tailored for Chelsea. Chelsea has shown a fact: Never underrate a Chelsea team nomatter what. Arsene Wenger and Arsenal just found this out today. Today belongs to Chelsea and for once in many weeks it is others turn to cry. For this weekend’s criers, the floor is yours…

Meanwhile my total shout out for Odion Ighalo(Watford) for scoring 2 goals against Newcastle. Additionally, I hail Victor Moses(West ham FC) for scoring against Mancity.  We need these kinds of individual efforts to remind us that there’s still hope in the horizon for Nigeria Football.,,



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