Dasuki, go for trial and stop all these formulated delay tactics

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Like I wrote in my last post, Olisa Metuh has found out that he is in a big mess. He had the chance to save his skin but he blew it. He would have to look out for the bail bonds of close to a billion naira as we speak. He has found out that the journey to Siberia is not a journey for kids. He is presently finding out that travelling through the Sahara deserts to Europe is a dangerously risky affair. Everybody is wiser to the antics of hiding meat in the mouth and pretend that it is “cheek boil”.  The particular Judges in his cases are “Russians”.  Dokpesi was lucky he had a Judge who “understood his English”. Metuh,so far, has  miscalculated.


Suddenly, Sambo dasuki is no more interested in going for trial!!  The same lawyers who wanted to see the man in court are now speaking a different language. They don’t want the trial again. They are saying that Dasuki should have been allowed to go home (on bail) and enjoy his looted funds in peace. That can never work. I thought they all said the Prosecution never had any case against Dasuki. They said that all the stories about looted funds are mere propaganda. How come they demurred? Why are  they now applying the normal delay tactics?


The truth about Dasuki’s case is this: He cannot afford to be really tried in court because he knows what everyone knows. He knows he stole without mercy. He knows he was caught in a red-handed fashion. He knows that his case is a very clear case. I knew he would want to stall the trial. However, I need to tell Dasuki and his lawyers that they must be ready for trial.  No one is going to give Dasuki that luxury of delay tactics that has helped Saraki in his corruption case.


Just watch out what Dasuki  lawyers would do . If the High court rules that the case should not be stalled. He would go to the Appeal court and then to the Supreme Court to further this stalling tactics. If this didn’t work, Dasuki would declare that he doesn’t have faith in the judge. He would insist that the judge be changed. All manner of delay tactics would be brought into the fore by Dasuki as this drama unfolds. I am well aware of this. He has enough money in his armoury to enable this style. You can see why it is so difficult dealing with big time corruption cases in Nigeria?


This is where the Judges should come in. They have to make sure that they are less interested in their bank accounts than the Job they are supposed to do. The Judges should know that Dasuki doesn’t want to go for trial. They should realise that he is pulling his tricks. This is a former NSA mind you, so he knows the loopholes in the system. He can manipulate things with this knowledge. He cannot be allowed to do so.

Dasuki must prepare for trial. The era of “fishing”for a favourable ruling from a compromised judge is over. Just like Metuh has found out, Dasuki cannot have his way. He must pay for his deeds..Ewolewoo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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