Deziani Allison Madueke: Beautiful, smart and dangerous.

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Deziani Allison Madueke was the former Nigeria Petroleum minister. In fact she was a close ally of Former president Goodluck Jonathan.  Infact she was so close to Jonathan, that GEJ had to stop her being sacked by late President Yaradua when she was the minister of works. Make no mistake about it, she is rich. Stupendously rich in any aspect you want to talk about. A billionaire extraordinaire in her own right I must confess. When you are a substantive minister of Petroleum in Nigeria, You’re something of a   “momentous” billionaire . Deziani has shown us this fact by her various acquisitions as detailed by the US Department of Justice(DOJ)

Her beauty is no doubt an asset. In a clime where beautiful women are eye-catchy when in power, she has used her beauty to her utmost advantage. This should be a lesson to beautiful young ladies. Deziani has shown that her beauty means more than “cat walks and modelling”; her beauty means power and money. Did she actualize it? Of course she did.

As we speak, Deziani is not sleeping easy. She is being harassed in no small manner. She’s being chased by the Americans. The Americans are interested in a slice of her loot. They want it so badly. You make ask:  How about Nigeria? The truth is this; we’re not too interested. Leave the latest gra-gra by the EFCC and the courts. They only got energized when they saw the Americans sniffing around. They only got involved as the Americans are circling around Deziani’s assets. They were shamed into the arena.  However, Deziani knows that her problems are less of the Nigeria angle than the Americans. The Americans don’t play games when they want part of your money. They would get it. It’s simple.

Jide Omokore and Kola Auko have found out the other side of power. The other side of power is not palatable in a set-up like ours. Once your main person, this time Deziani, is no more in power you are on your own. The monumental access that has produced billions for you would just dry up. They now understand it better. They would cough out “things”. The things are dollars. Too bad!

Deziani is a beauty, even at her age. However for the country, she has proven to be dangerous.

I nor talk anytin o!! I nor talk nadaa!!  I have decided to keep quiet as usual. Hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you….Ewolewoo!!


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