Deziani and Fidelity Bank M.D: Don’t call thieves any other names…

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The Managing Director of Fidelity bank,  Nnamdi Okonkwo, was given $US115 million by the former minister of Petroleum, Deziani Allison Madueke, to share to different people. Mind you, it is not Deziani’s personal money, it is Nigeria’s money. You can see why I never trusted these NNPC guys and their cronies.  

As at today, we have not heard of any denial from  Nnamdi Okonkwo or the Fidelity Bank. It only means that there is substantial truth in that accusation. I can also assure you that you haven’t heard the whole story.


Are my surprised? No!! Are my shocked? Naaah!! If you have been following my analysis all along, you shouldn’t be surprised in any way. It only falls into what I have always said. There’s little of real business going on in the system, what you have is the circulation of government money among individuals. This is the business going on.. The higher you are in the pyramid structure, the easier for you to lay your hands on some money. The economy collapsed because, somehow, this kind of “circulation of government money” is not encouraged by Buhari. Unfortunately, the system runs on money laundering which Deziani and  Nnamdi Okonkwo are vivid examples.


In china, a top official was executed because he embezzled US$1 million over a period of time. In Nigeria, I can assure you that this would not move much public muscle. You would soon hear stories of tribal and political undertones in this pure case of robbery. Mr  Nnamdi Okonkwo could still retain his position in fidelity bank and claim “victimization”. He has a role model in the senate President, Bukola Saraki, so he doesn’t need to fret. He knows that the system would tolerate what he did.


We have a real situation in the country. We have a situation where real businesses are neither encouraged nor propelled by the institutions that should do so.  Tell me how the Fidelity M.D would be interested in real business going forward when he could just collect US$115 million dollars from a very top government official just to share? Just tell me how that would work? What kind of “super business” is more than that? Mind you, for Deziani to trust him to handle and distribute US$115 million , it only means that he has been doing that kind of stuff on her behalf. That in all honesty can never be the first time. This particular one just accidentally slipped through the window. Do you now see why Nigeria is so rich yet so ridiculously poor?


What Deziani did was treasonable to say the least. What she did was really reprehensible. In doing what she did, she told the MD of fidelity bank that this is where “God lives”. Just imagine the thought process of  Mr Nnamdi Okonkwo as he was leaving Deziani’s office? Please imagine it? The man would wonder why he didn’t join Government and enjoy this kind of “sharing ability” with hard currencies.


Would Deziani be ever prosecuted? I doubt it. Would  Nnamdi Okonkwo have his day in court? I really hope so. However, with the way Saraki has been able to run rings around our judiciary, I am wary of the way the case would go if it ever goes to court. The only option is simple: make life uncomfortable for  Nnamdi Okonkwo and Deziani to have normal families  lives until the sum of US$115 million is collected.Life can be made uncofortable for people without being violent . Even in the US or UK, you cannot have normal family lives if you misappropriated, misapplied or just embezzled the sum of US$115 million government money. It is never done.

Nigeria and Nigerians should be done playing nice with outright thieves. There should be no difference between the treatment accorded the thief caught in Ogbete,Balogun or dugbe market and these confirmed rogues. The system is collapsing because of this kind of barefaced robbery. The earlier we call thieves by their real names the better for everyone…Ewolewoo!!



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