Deziani should have her day in London not here…

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The former minister of oil  Deziani Madueke was recently arrested and now currently on bail in London. She has been staying in London since the advent of the new administration. Hours after her arrest in London, the EFCC started their usual “gra-gra”. The EFCC searched her palatial home in Abuja in the light of what happened in London. Additionally the EFCC searched the homes and offices of her “peoples” in Abuja and Lagos. They searched SPOG and Atlantic energy offices in addition to their boss’s(Jide Omokore) home. The events were fast paced with the end result being everyone’s guess.

This now brings me to the main thrust of this article: How and where this alleged fraud is prosecuted? It is safe that Deziani is prosecuted in London. It is good for Nigeria, It is good for Deziani, and It would be good for Justice. In London, we would be able to know in black and white what happened with all the money(billions oo!!) that were alleged to have become “birds”.  We would be able to hear Deziani, in her own words, defend the specific accusations against her. She would be able to let us know how the various billions were spent without her claiming “political prosecution or witch-hunt”. We would be able to deal with the case as it were without complications and complexities associated with a high profile case in Nigeria.

If, by any stretch of mistake, Deziani is brought here for trial then it is “game over” for the case. Deziani would surely have supporters(there would be no shortage of them) that would come out with “persecution stories”. People would project issues that would have no bearing with the case to obfuscate and complicate the actual trial. People would be transported from the heartlands to the trial venue to make it impossible for the court case. A lot of buzz would be generated in the media to paint her as a “persecuted soul” because of her association with the GEJ government. The case would just become a circus show. With EFCC in the prowl, the case is as good as “fried plantain”.


I can tell you that once she lands here, there’s a Judge that is ready to order a stay of execution, perpetual injunction or an order for status quo ante on further arrest, harassment and investigation of this issue. To get something like this in Nigeria nor be wahala for these rich guys. In as much as I would have been happy to have her tried in Nigeria but I know the structural issues we’ve got with our institutions. They are only effective with “pick pockets” sort of criminals but implode once the billionaires are in the cage. She could even contest as a governorship candidate of her state or any other political office of her choice despite being on trial. If you doubt me: Go to Ekiti where someone who is(and still) in court for stealing the state blind, contested for the Governorship of the same state and still won. The same thing is about to happen in Kogi and Bayelsa states. We have someone who is charged on terrorism related issues(Boko haram to be specific) as the senate majority leader as we speak.  She would just escape. Leave all this EFCC gra-gra. Nothing dey dia..


For anyone who wants to hear the whole story from Deziani. For all who actually wants to hear Deziani give her side of the details without any form of distractions, It pays to see Deziani have her day in a London court. Thankfully she was arrested in London so no story. This is the time to talk Madam Deziani.. Let her have the microphone with the floor fully hers. We wan hear the tory..

Meanwhile, I hail my beautiful minister biko! The woman fine nor be small sha. I can now understand why bad belle plenty…I am still loyal madam. I still dey in tow for oil block oo!! I can be trusted. Nor be so?…ewolewooo!!!

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