Dokpesi: The sharp guy forming distraction

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Yesterday some youths went to Dokpesi in an apparent stage-managed solidarity visit. Dokpesi told them that the 2.1 billion dollars arms gate issue is a scam. Mind you, the same Dokpesi has admitted that he collected 2.1 billion naira from dasuki for political matters. He collected this money from Dasuki for PDP issues. He never collected the money from the PDP accounts, yet he is still talking. A thief has no shame I can tell you.

Do you blame him? I wouldn’t!! I blame the judiciary that has unfortunately turned itself to sanctuary for big time thieves. I blame the kobo-kobo judiciary that grants lenient bail conditions for people who have stolen enough to circumvent the wheel of justice.

A man who already has 2.1 billion naira of public money with him is an influential man. In a poverty stricken environment like Nigeria, the man is a “Don”. With that kind of money, this individual can cause maximum damage if he is free on very lenient bail conditions. Your guess is as good as mine if someone like dasuki (who spent a whole Lagos state 2016 budget the way he likes within months )was allowed to be at home.

If a Dokpesi who already admitted that he collected 2.1 billion naira is still in the open rapping the way he is doing, what do you expect from others who got something similar or more?

This kind of individual has enough resources to influence investigators. He has enough resources to harass witnesses. He has so much money(that he got illegally of course)  to intimidate the system as he is let on as a loose cannon.  That is the reason this judiciary must feel the rage against these big-time suspects as felt by the citizens. Showing compassion to big time rogues is an albatross that is the problem we have in the polity as we speak.

To Dokpesi, that money is his national cake . However, he would refund it. He can say all he wants but he would refund that money. No AMCON would pay the money back for him because there is no Jonathan to influence that. The same way he learnt how to chop, he would likewise imbibe how to vomit. The distractions would not gel. That money must be paid back.

In Nigeria, the best way to chop and clean mouth now is to claim persecution.  Once you claim witch hunt, your sins should be forgiven because of that? For wiaaa!!!

I don’t blame dokpesi, I just blame the judicial system that cuddles characters like him….We will see…ewolewooo!!


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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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