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DSS raids on judges; A kobo kobo judiciary where Judges want to be Dangote

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What would make the “indefatigable” Governor of Rivers state spring up from the comfort of his water bed and spring to the scene of an arrest attempt of a judge? When has it become customary for a Governor to stop an arrest attempt of the SSS? Do we have immunity for Judges in our constitution?  Is this how wike defends any SSS arrest in Rivers state? The answer is known by everyone. The judge na big time paddy man…

When we called our Judiciary a kobo-kobo judiciary some people vehemently protested. When you have a Judiciary where the ultimate ambition of a Judge is to become a billionaire, then, you’ve got issues. I still remember what happened in Ikoyi during the OBJ tenure. Then, government put up for sale many of the Government properties in that prime area of Lagos state. You know who bought many of the Properties? Judges!! You would see a high court judge’s cheque of 70 million naira(in 2006) and the cheque never bounced. Did he get the money from his salary? Ofcourse  we can guess the answer.


The DSS on Friday raided some Judges homes in Abuja, Portharcourt and some other places. What did they find? They found hundreds of millions in both foreign and local currencies in their homes. Do you still wonder why big-men don’t bother again about the judiciary? Once a Judge is sitting in an high- profile case, he sees it as an opportunity to become a “Dangote”. That is the reality of the judiciary system we’ve got.

The main reason why the anti-corruption cases in courts have been totally messed up is because of the utter uselessness of the Judiciary.  When Ibori’s case went to the crown court in London, it never took up to 8 weeks and the case was concluded. Would you see that in Nigeria? No way! We have the Saraki’s case that has been totally messed up that it would be in everybody’s interest that the case is just forgotten. We have so many anti-corruption cases gathering dusts in the Judges’  file-boards. The more they waste time the more the millions roll in. That is the unfortunate scenario we’ve found ourselves.

That Judges in the supreme court were arrested shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Nigerian judicial system is a wacky system. The judges just want money Period. Unfortunately, they have infused this mindset into the younger ones. The name of the game is simple; become a multi-millionaire on the bench.  With that mindset, a Judge has his lawyer who you can call upon to represent you when he’s  handling your case. In the alternative, the ‘Judge’s lawyer’ could recommend another lawyer to you with the judge inner consent. With that in mind, you will know what he wants. He could tell you he wants his money in raw cash. He could tell you to go and buy a house for him in the new Lagos at the former  bar beach  being built by chagouri. He could tell you to finish a property he’s been struggling to  complete in Maitama, Lekki or V.I. He could just tell you to buy up a prime property for him in Dubai. With any of these, the case against you will run with no-end plan until it’s forgotten or out-rightly dismissed or discontinued.

Yes the DSS didn’t use the right method to get at these modern day “wayo” people. However, there should be no difference between the way a pick-pocket is treated in any Nigerian supermarket and the way these so-called judges are treated.

A thief is a thief; it doesn’t matter whether he’s speaking high sounding grammar or just pidgin.  I don’t pity these judges at all. I am not their fan by any measure of imagination. I just hope this sends a message that everyone is watching everyone. Sitting on the bench offers no immunity whatsoever..Ewolewoo!!

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