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EFCC arrests C/Rivers Gov’brother. How about Liyel Imoke?

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A report  just broke out that the brother to the Cross rivers state governor Ben Ayade has been arrested.  Mr Ayade  is the managing director of Leophina Nigeria Limited and Hally Brown International Limited which have been fingered in shady deals. The shady deals involved the diversion of public funds.


The EFCC, in the report, found out that Mr Ayade’s company was awarded a contract to the tune of 2.4 billion naira in 2011. Mind you the contract was gotten when crude oil sold for about $115/barrel. In that vein, it was far easier to mess around with that kind of money.

To make this quite interesting, it was  also alleged that four different allocations from the federation accounts  were alleged to have been diverted into Hally Brown international Limited accounts owned by Mr Ayade. If this is finally confirmed, someone should tell me why Liyel imoke(the former Governor of the state) is still having nice sleep with his wife.

There is no way federal allocations would be diverted to individual’s accounts yet the Governor would claim ignorance.  It is never done. This is not only extreme criminality but undiluted wickedness in the extreme. The money must be paid back and swiftly too.

To show you the wickedness of these guys to the people of cross river’s state, they never had one kobo to prosecute the 2.4 billion naira contract that they got. Mr Ayade never had the money to prosecute the contract, instead he collected a loan of N350million on behalf of the Cross River state Agency that awarded the contract and paid it to the same agency. The money was just chopped yet he had another 2.4 billion naira in the bag. Who lost? Not Mr Ayade, not Mr Liyel Imoke but the people of Cross Rivers state. They had to fill up the loan of 2.4 billion naira plus the self-serving loan of 350 million naira by Ayade.

If you’re looking for the reason a state like Cross rivers is perpetually in debt, then you need look no further. With the Governors they’ve had and still having, it would be difficult to get out of the Debt hole.

Mr Liyel imoke has serious case to answer. Leaving him out of the story would never work. Mr Ayade needs to start singing. He should be made to sing the kind of sung that everyone understands. I have been  quite suspicious of Liyel Imoke all along.

This guy was implicated in the Obasanjo Electrical  power upgrade issue that Late President Yaradua complained about. How he escaped being grilled in that matter is still a mystery to anyone who knows the story. The way he just allowed Donald Duke’s abracabra on Obudu ranch and the kind of debts Cross Rivers incurred in that complicated ruse depicted complicity in my opinion. EFCC cannot allow him to get a pass in this case. If Ayade is picked, where’s Imoke?

Cross Rivers people have really seen things. The state’s debt portfolio has always been upended by their chief executives. I only hope this EFCC raid on Ayade would open the Pandora box that has been deliberately locked for years…Ewolewoo!! 

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