To the EFCC : Do the Judiciary and the judicial officers have the same rage on corruption?

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The truth is this; anti-Corruption war can be messed up by the judiciary I tell you. The way the judiciary is presently constituted, I am not sure they are on the same page with many Nigerians on this anti-corruption stuff.


I really commend what the EFCC is doing in the fight against corruption. I am really happy that Buhari doesn’t pick his phone whenever people want him to intervene on corruption cases.  For the first time in a long while, I could show Buchi( my son) the guys paraded on TV for stealing government money.  However that is where it ends unfortunately.


We have a Judiciary that feels no urgency when corruption issues are involved. We have a judiciary that takes corruption issue as just a “normal issue” to be dealt with normally. We have judges who are more interested in their bank accounts than the fact that people are stealing the country blind. We are in a situation where we see corruption more as a political issue than a debilitating war that is killing the country.


Just imagine a case in which Dasuki said he gave Dokpesi  2.1 billion naira. Dokpesi agreed that he collected 2.1 billion  naira from Dasuki. He(Dokpesi) later released two contradictory statements that were just laughable in all intent.  Where is Dokpesi now? He is in his house enjoying beautiful bail conditions and, of course, still enjoying the money  with his wives and concubines.  What do you call that?


This is the time to follow the money trail of Judges. This is the time to check the friends, family members and acolytes of judges whenever high profile corruption cases are being handled. This is not the time to allow Judges whose retirement period is close to handle serious corruption cases. When you have judges who are prime owners of grandiose buildings in ikoyi, V.I, Maitama, asokoro and all other prime places, then, there is a problem. When Judges are far richer than businessmen then there is trouble. When Judges start operating offshore accounts then there’s problem. When judges start working, not on judicial principles, but on how much dollars is involved, then there’s trouble

To fight this anti- corruption war, the judiciary must be on board, without which it would be a futile battle.  The judiciary as things are would just mess up all efforts at anti-corruption war, thereby making Buhari look like unpalatable to lots of Nigerians. Many of these guys in courts(unfortunately the supreme court is no exception)  have a different mindset. This is a real issue,

The way thing are now, I can only pity the EFCC. Many in the courts’ hierarchy  are not ready interested in collective good. There interests are mainly personal. This is quite sad. The earlier this is solved the better.

My heart goes to the EFCC, because they just don’t have the judiciary in tandem with them.  Many of the judges are interested in something else….. Na wa o!! Ewolewoo!!

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