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In, our analysis is our word. We analyse the situation of Nigeria and proffer solutions. The analyses are simple and easy to understand. The truth is this: We have been right most of the time my people.


Let us pick few examples:  When Lamorde and EFCC went after Saraki’s wife Toyin we wrote this article  EFCC in july 23 2015: (We have seen this gragra before o!! ). Were we spot on? Yes we were as EFCC and Lamorde ran away from prosecuting her. We even went further to write this Lamorde: (When delay can be dangerous.. ) We were correct on all fronts.


Is it sport that you want to look at? Immediately Sunday Oliseh was appointed as the coach of the Nigerian National Team, we wrote this article: (Oliseh: smile and watch your back… . Were we correct in our analysis? Yes we were spot on. The problems we identified as Oliseh’s albatross came back to haunt him. This was written in July 19 2015. We again wrote that Armaju Pinnick would be a bad administrator in this article in August 2015 (Pinnick: How to be a bad administrator… ) . We were also right as Pinnick has proven how not to be a good administrator.  We have lots on sports.


Just yesterday, the Federal Government brought back subsidy for petrol in a bid to solve the current scarcity. Remember we wrote this on December 4th 2015; (Deregulate the downstream oil sector but I ask how? – ) Where we were very specific about the problems removal of subsidy could cause. We proffered our thoughts on what should happen. Were we correct in our analysis? Current events have proven us to not only be right but absolutely spot on. More than any analysis on this issue, we have shown to be clear in our judgement.

We can go on and on, remember our analysis on PHCN in December 2015? PHCN,DISCOs: Sharks and dragons on the prowl!! ) Where we predicted trouble as regards tariffs increment. We were absolutely correct  as events later vindicated our analysis, is not your conventional school of economics nor is it your conventional international experts. However, with our  various analysis on various issues of importance to Nigeria and Nigerians, we have proven in many cases to be prophetic in our judgement. We have proven that whenever Nigeria situation are concerned, we can predict and in many cases, predict correctly. If you want analysis that explains Nigeria system correctly without the high sounding confusion inherent with overblown grammatical semantics,  gives you the alternative that you crave for.

We really invite you to join us, follow us,like us on facebook. Tell your friends and colleagues about us. We implore you to support us and let us galvanize Nigeria to the enviable level we require it to be. Ewolewooo!!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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