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Family squabbles: Messier with money in the mix

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When I was young, there were 2 families I used to admire, the families of late Chief Rotimi Williams and the Ibru . They exuded superb attributes with supreme confidence and opulence. Public show of affinity with affection to each other was something we all envied. They were models in family unity that everyone wanted to emulate. However as we speak, I am not sure all these attributes are still applicable to them. It seems, from all indications, centre can no longer hold. The “roforofo” fight in the public is not something you might want to talk about.


Money and assets have torn apart otherwise close nit families. Unless otherwise disproved by the parties, there is a fierce ‘civil war’ in the Rotimi Williams family with brothers not on talking terms. While in the ibru’s, everyone has created his own fiefdoms. Federal palace hotel and sheraton hotel are cases in point.  The way things are going in Ibru family, Mr Goddie Ibru might need something of a miracle to save him from the “tsunami “(or hurricane?) that is closing in. Wahala dey I tell you. These individuals are good people I admit but the situation get as e be…

People can be generally good in nature. People can be nice in attributes. However, once the issue of money get into the mix, everywhere becomes a jungle. Paddy nor dey for jungle o!! You would see the character change in a way that could cause you heart attack. You would see people behave in  manners that you would wonder whether you ever knew them. With money to talk about, it is a different colouration I tell you. Nor be the same thing anymore o!!! mata don change..


It only says something: Nomatter your best efforts, and when the issue of your enormous wealth is involved,  you cannot control what happens when you are 6 ft below. The only way there can be some semblance of sanity is if you make everything, even up to the pin, clear in the your will. The “seeming unity” observed in a wealthy family is mostly fragile and tenuous forget all the photo shots… When jungle mature, everyone would understand better..


Nor mind my “aproko” oooo!!! I still nor wan talk oooo!!! Ewolewooooo! !!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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