Fayose: The new “opposition leader”….

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Fayose is now the “opposition leader” of Nigeria. He is no longer interested in what is happening to, and in,  Ekiti state. Infact Ekiti state is so small that he barely thinks of that state as his immediate concern or priority thought he is elected as the Governor of the state. He thinks on national level now.  He is a much “focused man” now. Fayose is focused on Buhari and Buhari lone. He is a one-man-riot squad against Buhari.


Fayose as we speak is moving on with his ‘crusade’. When Buhari  travelled to China, he condemned him harshly. He didn’t stop at the condemnation; he also “monitored” Buhari’s activities in China closely. When he discovered that Buhari wanted a 2 billion dollar loan from the Chinese, He shot back in an instant. As the “opposition leader” , and in his assumed capacity as so, he wrote to the Chinese not to grant the loan request.


However when he perceived that the Chinese did not understand the kind of “mandarin” that he was speaking to them, he left Ekiti and travelled to china. He believes that as the “opposition leader “of Nigeria, the Chinese need to also see him in person too. He gave a ‘speech’ there telling them not to give Buhari any loan.  Fayose has spoken and it’s on record. Nor be small tin o!!


As far as Fayose is concerned, the difference between the president and the him is not much. Do you blame him? No!! To Fayose, the President has immunity and so does he. The President appoints his ministers and so does he appoint his commissioners. The president works with the Legislators and the same applies to him. Infact Fayose may even believe that he’s got more powers than the president in terms of the legislative instance. To Fayose, the Ekiti state house of assembly is under his pocket but Buhari cannot say so about the Senate and the house.  So Fayose believes that he’s got more say.


The way it is now, fayose is monitoring how Buhari speaks. He’s studying with close scrutiny what Buhari is signing on daily basis. What I am not sure about is whether Fayose is interested in how many times Buhari sleeps with Aishat. I won’t be surprised if Fayose has looked into that aspect.He is really “shadowing”  Buhari everywhere…


How will PDP now “interact” with Fayose? That would be interesting. Fayose has become the “opposition” on his own, so what does the official main opposition party say to him as their member?  To make matters worse, PDP has already zoned the 2019 presidency to the North. What this portend, if it stands out, is that Fayose cannot run as the president under the PDP.  I don’t understand again o!! Fayose will fight back I can guarantee you. They cannot take the “opposition mantle” that he has self-acclaimed away from him like that. After “fighting” Buhari, they can’t do like that o!! It would be tight !!


For now, fayose’s interest is Buhari. Fayose’s thought process as he sits in Fajuyi house at Ekiti is how to “attack and attack” Buhari. His mindset is not on that local Ekiti zone again. He has ‘elevated’ himself to national level. Also by going to china, he has taken himself into the intercontinental stage only meant for the heads of states.


People shouldn’t delay, deny or attempt to interfere in fayose’s  voyage into the “opposition leader” vicinity.  He is in cruise control and not even Ekiti people can stop him…Ewolewoo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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