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Fayose, Pay your your workers. Talk is very cheap..

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Governor Ayo Fayose has been cornered. He has been cornered by his own people in Ekiti state. The workers of Ekiti state have embarked on an indefinite strike. The petroleum subsidy strike that was being used to mask his “smell” has been called off. It is now the Ekiti workers vs Fayose. He can’t run away from it.


 What is the Problem? Fayose owes his workers 5 months salaries, pension and gratuities. That is not all o! He has refused to publish the result of the staff verification and audit report that would show the actual “real” numbers of civil servants in Ekiti state. They want to know how many Ghost workers have been inserted on their(workers) behalf. Additionally, he has refused to pay their 2014 and 2015 leave bonuses. 


The workers are also asking the government to implement the promotion for 2013, 2014, 2015; approval of inter-cadre transfer; remission of 10 percent IGR to local government and stoppage of Joint Allocation Committee account; resuscitation of LG staff pension fund and release of running grants to secondary schools and local governments.  Suddenly, the mouthy Fayose has learnt how to speak in tongue.


When rattled, as to the reason he hasn’t paid. He stated, in his own words, that ‘’I cannot cut myself to pay salaries’’. Listening to him was very surprising to me I tell you.  I hope I am not dreaming. The same Fayose was in the fore front of urging the NLC to go on that “failed strike” of theirs when he knew that the income into the federation account has dwindled abysmally due to the activities in the oil market. Fayose doesn’t spare any thought in his caustic vitriol against Buhari. Now he is in the bull’s eye but compassion is far off.


Fayose is the Governor of Ekiti state but he has jettisoned the scope of work that pertains to that office. He sees himself as the “opposition leader” whose brief is to fight anything Buhari. Ekiti state is secondary to Fayose. His main concern is what happens in Abuja. He knows more about buhari’s  itenary  than the movements of his commissioners.  A man who owes his workers so much but still had enough money to go to China and launch a campaign against the President has a lot to answer.


Fayose is going on a voyage. However, the Ekiti workers have refused to be his companion in his self-declared adventure. Since he has been telling everyone who cares to listen to him that there’s money, he should do well to pay his workers. He should understand the adage that says that charity begins at home.


Fayose has been brought down to earth. The workers of ekiti have detected his hypocrisy. They want their money.  The workers have seen that he has money to fly to Abuja for any anti-Buhari’s case that fancies him. They’ve noticed that he has money to junket abroad for anything that he believes would advance his cause as the “opposition leader”. The workers have seen that he has money to fight for who(or not) should be the PDP chairman. They have seen that he is a very “busy man”. They know that being a busy man; he is spending good money on it. They want him to settle them too. What is good for the goose…

For the first time yesterday, I didn’t hear about Buhari from Fayose.  The reality has been splashed on his face. The workers have lost patience. They are no longer interested in his akara-eating-on-the-street mantra. That jazz don waka. They want their money. This is an opportunity for Fayose to show us why he is a different fellow. Talk is cheap. Fayose should act.

For our action Governor Fayose, the workers are waiting by your doorstep…Do   something….Ewolewoo!!


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    this is interesting

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