Finally, Dasuki goes to court. But he’s a lucky man

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Somehow, somewhere, anyhow, Dasuki has been taken to court to answer to some charges.

Meanwhile, I thought he was so “sick” that he wouldn’t be able to come for arraignment. Remember, he was making so much noise about his medical check-up abroad.  Nigerian Doctors don suffer….

He is no longer in a position to order the postponement of elect ions. He is no longer in a position to stuff Orisajafor’s private jet with money to be transferred to some imaginary folks. He is no more in a position to dash Dokpesi billions of Naira. He is no more in a position to dash Nduka Obaigbena billions of Naira. He is no more in a position to order the CBN to transfer millions of hard currency to him. He is no longer in a position to request Ngozi Okonjo Iweala transfers some of Abacha’s loot to him. He is now a very “humble fellow”. How are the mighty fallen..

The truth about the matter is that Dasuki is a very lucky man. He is in a country where something like this is not really an outrage. He is in a place where his actions would be explained away as political witch-hunt. He is being charged in a country where the institutions that should administer justice to him can be described as kobo-kobo institutions.

With the amount of money he stole, he would not stress himself. What he just need to do is ask whoever is the judge “how much do you want?”. He would only need to request how the judge wants the money transferred to him. He would inquire if he wants it in cash or masked in properties purchase. Once he settles it, the case would enter “obfuscating mode”.

Once it gets into “obsfuscating mode”, the case is as good as dead. The Judge only needs to begin with the normal 2 months adjournment for the case to commence. After that, he(the judge) gives another 2 months adjournment for the prosecution to produce the first witness. After another 2 adjournments, Dasuki would then ask(or renew) for permission to travel abroad for medical check-up. Once that is granted, the case should be seen as a dead case.  That is the kind of system he is lucky to live in.

In a saner country, he would be lucky not to be in solitary confinement with the kind of public money he blatantly messed up.

He is now in court, but if the court case doesn’t proceed daily then there’s no case. If the judge starts coming up with long and stupid adjournments then he should just be told to go home. No one should waste our time in the name of a trial to nowhere.

It is either Dasuki is tried the way the gravity of the offence dictates or the justice saves us the embarrassment of a circus show.

Meanwhile, Oga Dasuki, your boys are still very loyal o!! We are still expecting our own “dollars” as promised. Bad belle people should allow you biko!! Ewolewoo!!


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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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