For Bola Tinubu; The coast is murky

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Tinubu is meeting a different challenge, he’s boxed in a corner. He has a problem and the problem is in the Presidency. He doesn’t have fans there at all. He knows that politics in Nigeria is about power and once you’re not in that power nexus, you will rely on the “church mind” of the person in power. I don’t think Buhari and his comrades in the Presidency are interested in that ‘charitable cause’.

Tinubu wants to expand his horizon I get it. However, the President and his team would  have none of that. Tinubu tried his luck in Kogi. He would have gotten his man(Faleke) into Lord Lugard’s house in all fairness. When Abubakar Audu died, the logical thing would have been for his deputy to take over. However with strength of ‘the power from above’, all things changed and they remain changed. Faleke was pushed and cleared out of the highway. The Ondo issue is still there where his man(Abraham) was made to lose in the primaries against Akeredolu(the eventual winner of the gubernatorial race). The way Odigie Oyegun(another Tinubu supported man) double crossed him should have shown him that the musician is singing somewhere else. To make it more apparent, President Buhari came to campaign for Akeredolu and he made things happen.


The way I see it, the president and his people are telling Tinubu to stay in his lane. They’re telling him not to venture out of his sphere of influence.  This was the same problem he had with Jonathan. The way and manner he was jettisoned by the Presidency  when Saraki made his move in the senate Presidency race should have given him the first hint. The point is simple: The kind of influence he desires cannot be afforded him by Buhari.


Yes, Tinubu and Buhari majorly formed the APC. However, one person is in power and the other is not. The way it is, Tinubu might have to be in power himself if he wants the kind of influence he desires. For now, the people against him are watching his moves closely. Sure, they have the resources and wherewithal to complicate matters for him.

I really pity Tinubu after all the attacks he endured on behalf of Buhari’s being president, but politics can be brutal and unforgiving….Ewolewoo!!

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