For Saraki and Ekwerenmadu, the time for dodging is over. Let the case begin…

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Saraki and Ekwerenmadu, arrived the court today on the issue of forgery. My problem is not that they were taken to court, the issue is this: will the  case be expeditiously handled?  With the kind of money that Saraki has, I would be surprised if that happens.


Saraki and Ekwerenmadu have found out that the difference between their positions and those of the President and Governors with their deputies is YUUUGGEEE!! The immunity clause does not apply to Saraki and Ekwerenmadu and this is critical. In doing what they did, they really thought highly of their positions. They never knew that their positions are more of “glorified councillors” in the real sense of the fact. They were lost in self-glorification. This is now catching up with them.


To my people of kwara state, I hope you are listening. Tell your Governor to leave saraki to his self-inflicted problems. Your Governor needs to understand that your money is not to bail Saraki in his never ending judicial palaver. Let your Governor know that you are watching the state transactions and any large withdrawal not meant for verifiable  capital projects and workers’ salaries shall be resisted. You all have to be on the lookout. This is not the time to assume. This is the time to be vigilant.


I know that Ekwerenmadu is on his own. He doesn’t have that kind of control in Enugu like saraki has in Kwara. He would now have to find another state Governor to sponsor him.  The Governors of the south east and South south would only spend money if something dire could personally happen to them if they don’t. I don’t see how Ekwerenmadu’s travails become their personal indiscretion. Ekwerenmadu would have to tie himself to saraki’s apron strings in this case. This is no tea party I tell you.


Saraki is the master dribler here. He is the master manipulator in this instance. He knows the Nigeria Judiciary so well that he could easily dribble the system. The attorney General has to take this case very seriously. If this case last more than 4 months, then, he has failed. Anything that would make Nigerians continue to feed these people up to 4 months as they are on trial  for forgery is bad enough. However, to continue after 4 months, shows a failed prosecutorial and judicial system. The attorney General owes Nigerians the duty to avoid delay and settle this case in 4 months.


Bukola Saraki should have asked the late Olusola Saraki(Oloye) why he played safe during his time. He should have asked the late Father why he played so safe  the game that he was allowed to take over Societe generale Bank from his front in the mid 80s. He should have known that there is a difference between fighting a just cause with clean hands and fighting a convoluted system with dirty and murky hands and legs. On the later, you can never  win.  He would be made to spend and spend and I don’t pity him at all.


For now, the forgery case is just starting. Everyone, let’s take the ring side seats. This would be interesting….Ewolewoo!!



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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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