Fuel subsidy: Another chop moni for the boys!!

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Someone should advise the President to take his time ooo!!  He shouldn’t be angry at people at all. Why would he be sad that people are stealing by bringing refined products from overseas? Why should he be sad about the subsidy regime as it were? Please, please, please!!  I don’t blame the President, I blame the advisers. I beg o!!

President Buhari needs to understand that “our mouths don wide”. He needs to get it o!! He needs to know that in the art of money chopping, we are very creative. We may not be creative enough to build cars, smart phones, etc  but many people know how to “enjoy life”.  If there is no subsidy, how we go enjoy na?

Is he aware that a plot of land in Ikoyi or banana republic can cost #500million naira and above in some cases? How do we get those lands? Does he know that getting a plot of land in Asokoro  area of Abuja can be that expensive too? We also  need properties all over the world. How do we help ourselves in that instance without fuel subsidy? He should understand that we would use billions of naira to prosecute elections, how would that be possible without fuel subsidy? Someone should tell him that we can be interested in buying (or building) refineries in African countries or south America. How would that be possible without fuel subsidy?

The President should know that we have passed the stage of boarding commercial flights with people as if we are in “molues” oo. We have been using chartered flights most times. All these come with cost. How would this come around without subsidy? Our Families in the UK and US need to be taken care of. You know we’ve got kids in thousands -of-pounds (or dollars)-paying-school in these countries. Do you think only our salaries would take care of the expenses?  You know It is very easy to hide any money that we can use as “miscellaneous expenses”, especially if it is in billions, under subsidy and everyone will understand.  Yes!! Subsidy, the way it is now, is the way to go Mr President..Don’t listen to Jealous People who don’t  like progress.

We need to complain to you Mr President,  that people are unnecessarily aggressive as if “na now Nigeria spoil”. Nigeria’s problems  has started way before this subsidy issue. Instead of people to start with what happened with Tafawa Balewa, Ironsi and Gowon , they are harassing us as if this subsidy issue is the main Nigeria’s problem. Na where we  dey work, we dey chop o!! Don’t let them deceive you.

We need the fuel subsidy the way it is now. It is solving many of “Nigeria and Nigerians problems”. We are all against corruption but no one should disturb our subsidy flow o!!  If not……ewolewooo!!!


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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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