Gamecast: Buhari 0 Niger Delta Avengers 1…This isn’t looking good….

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President Buhari was supposed to go to Rivers state to commence the Ogoni clean-up exercise but he declined to go. He didn’t just show up at all. Instead he sent his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo for the event. What this showed is simple: The Niger Delta Avengers are winning!!  It is a fact that I knew might happen sooner than later. That was the reason I called for dialogue with the boys  in my earlier posts. Those boys want money, forget the story of Resource Control. Any talk that wouldn’t make them rich would never work.  If they were “born-again” during Jonathan’s time, what changed now? It’s not like Jonathan developed the area and they know it.


In a situation where money for the military and security agencies were either mismanaged or outrightly stolen, this is the result.  When you have a former chief of Defence staff pocketing billions of naira of military money, this will always be the result. When you have the former National security Adviser pocketing billions of dollars of security money, this will be the result. It is so sad that we have to witness a situation in which the President would have to chicken out in the face of onslaught by a rag-tag group of money chasing militants.  No one is interested in Niger delta development and we all know this.  


As we speak, the Niger Delta Avengers are busy blowing up pipelines in the creeks. They know the major lines. They know the coordinates of these trunk lines. They have the maps in all ramifications. They’ve got information that could only be provided by insiders which is sad. Additionally, they seemed to know the military movements in the area. They are aware of the concentration area of military activities and avoided the area completely. Their focus is simple: Destroy the oil outflow for export. No long grammar!!


President Buhari has confirmed another fact: that he cannot trust his military to deliver his security in Rivers state. That is very dangerous. In a way, it further confirms that the military never upgraded itself into a force to properly defend the Niger Delta areas after the activities of MEND mellowed. The military just went to sleep or desecrated due to funds. Likewise the other security agencies never took up the gauntlet of military intelligence when the MEND activities evaporated. They were nowhere to be found.


I knew it would be difficult for the military to fight these boys. I knew it wouldn’t work  if military activities were deployed. The Nigerian military has never shown stellar activities whenever they are confronted with the Niger delta militancy. They always wobbled. This now needs “negotiated solution” with the boys(and  not the politicians please!!).  


Nigeria is bleeding from Economic sabotage. Nigeria is bleeding from drop in the Price of crude oil. The Avengers have entered the fray and are bringing in further misery. The Government has no choice than to engage with them. The ability to manoeuvre militarily is out of Government control.  It is sad but true. I hope the president can face reality in this scenario.

For now, it is game on in this niger delta mess. I really hope we can solve it…Ewolewoo!!

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