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Let me give you a personal gist, a little story sort of, I used to have an individual from my village who rose so high that he almost became the customs Comptroller General. Infact he rose to the acting position for some months. Did it impact on my people? I doubt it. Apart from being very rich in his own right and maybe giving some snippets of advantages to his personal friends, I didn’t see any collective advantage. So where lays the advantage?

OBJ was the President of the federal republic of Nigeria for 8 years. The question now goes thus? What in specific terms did the Yorubas enjoy under him? I need to understand the momentous stuffs he did for the Yorubas. If you are looking for how well he satisfied the yorubas, please drive through the Lagos- Ibadan express road. You would then understand that between 1999-2007, that he held sway, there was absolutely nothing that he did on that road. People just dey expire on dat road anyhow. So where lays the advantage?

GEJ ruled Nigeria for over 5 years, so wetin con happen? Please take a trip to Bayelsa and tell me the “superb advantages” they enjoyed because their son was the head of state. I just want to know. Apart from the sentimental idea that ‘’our son” was the head of state I do not see anything in it. Of course, close people to him got very rich and enjoyed the advantage of having their man as the President, that’s where it ends. Mind you being very close does not necessarily mean that you have to come from the leader’s village o!! It is broader than that I tell you. So where lays the advantage?

The northerners have ruled Nigeria for many years, yet the poverty in the north is so thick in the air that it can be felt. What did Abacha do for the people of Kano or Borno? Apart from his lining the pockets of his family members and close associates, I nor see anytin. What did IBB do for the people of Niger state or the adjoining areas in terms of jobs and general improvement in their quality of life? Naadaa!! Yes, I agree that some people close to him have cause to thank the almighty for the monumental change in their bank accounts, that is where it ends..

I can go on and on.. People want their areas to be represented because they have interests which do not necessarily tie into the general interests. The general interest is public good and prosperity which many people are less concerned with. The money must come to my pocket and my pocket only is the mantra…

Buhari, has 4 years to rule. He has been elected for 4 years and he should be held accountable to his years. He should pick people that he feels can work with him as he would ultimately be held responsible in the overall sense. The elections are over and the election mindset should be allowed to simmer as time goes on. For now he is the man in the saddle. He will get the accolades in terms of success and the condemnations in terms of failure. The discretion to choose or not to choose anyone from any part of the country is his and only his. It is only important we condemn him on the resultant effect of his choice in terms of competence and achievements of such individuals in their tasks. On that, we can understand where the advantage lays..

Still the quiet friend in your neighbourhood who always says naatin…..Ewolewooo!!! #ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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