Ibe kachukwu, NNPC is too dark to see through..

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Ibe Kachiukwu has been told to jettison the day-to-day activities of the NNPC and move “upstairs”. He is no more the GMD of NNPC. He has been replaced by Dr Maikanti  Baru. For now, Ibe kachiukwu would sit as the NNPC board chairman and the minister of state for petroleum. The way things run, he wouldn’t be in the business of explaining the nitty-gritty of NNPC opaque operations anymore. He has been speaking so much grammar that we have lost interest.


If you have been following the analysis of on NNPC and kachukwu, you wouldn’t find his removal surprising. NNPC is a state within a state in this country. Handling it has to be a matter of utmost priority to Buhari if he wants to achieve anything. Personally, I do not see how that NNPC set-up in the current form is to the best interest of Nigeria and Nigerians. The corruption in that organization would consume “Gods” if they venture into it. The shenanigans in that organization are something from the playbook of criminal masters.  Kachiukwu saw and he almost got melted. He had to be shifted into another position.


I would be surprised if there would be a harmonious working relationship between the new GMD of NNPC, Maikanti Baru, and Kachiukwu who would be the board chairman and minister of state for petroleum. The relationship would be a matter of interest in the following months. You don’t need to look further to realise this. We only need to appreciate the fact that NNPC has her own interests which the GMD must project. Mind you NNPC’s interests do not necessarily tally with national interests. The earlier it is understood the better. The big goons in that organization are very much aware that Nigerians do not have the muscle to fight NNPC and their NUPENG collaborators.


The musical chairs of NNPC GMD position would continue until Nigerians are actually ready to get rid of that organization. I have written a lot on NNPC and Kachukwu that delving into it would almost  amount to repetition.  For now, kachukwu would have some stories to tell about how he got into the murky waters of NNPC day to day operations. He wouldn’t be smiling so much as before. It is a mafia world in that place, kachukwu . This is no Exxonmobil, this is NNPC. It is a different world entirely.

Now the attention focuses on the new NNPC GMD. It’s not the best to memorize his name because longevity of tenure is not an attribute in that place. Ewolewoo!!

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