Is Atiku a Nigerian by birth?? Wahala dey oo!!

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Atiku is a Nigerian. That’s an indisputable fact!! The question is this: Is he a Nigerian by birth? That needs direct answer.  The court needs to answer this and do it very fast. The confusion has even gotten to Atiku to the extent that Atiku is now claiming Jigawa and Sokoto. Whaataagwam?? No more Adamawa state in Atiku’s calendar. The same Adamawa that has been his base since time “immemorial” has suddenly become anathema in Atiku’s vocabulary..wahala dey o!!

As we speak no one including Atiku knew about Sokoto and Jigawa in Atiku’s heritage until “Jungle mature”.  In politics, anything goes. Suddenly Atiku is now made to prove what he has been keeping in his closet for years. I doubt that he would have been allowed to contest for the Governorship of Adamawa in 1999 if, as he now claims,  his Father  was from Sokoto and his Mum from Dutse Jigawa. I know for a fact that he wouldn’t have contested as a Presidential candidate in 1992, 2007,2011,2015& 2019 from Adamawa if, as he now claims, that his Father was from Sokoto. Let’s leave the grammar. E for no happen..

For Atiku not to insist that  Jada in Adamawa  is his birth place says something: He knows that doing so would complicate matters for him. The people that brought this into limelight surely understands the nitty gritty of this matter..Atiku need s to prove that he is a Nigerian at birth and he surely knows that staying in  the Jada Adamawa angle would not do him any favors…

The question now goes thus: Is Atiku a Nigerian by birth??  In the alternative, is Atiku from Adamawa, Sokoto or Jigawa state? These questions need answers and they need to come in like yesterday…

I remain your very quiet friend just passing by…Hope it continues to be peaceful and gentle around you…Ewolewoo!!


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