It is now official! MTN has been ordered to pay her former 63 staffs

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On the 26th of October, Justice Peter lifu of the National Industrial court of Nigeria sitting in Lagos ruled that MTN must pay the 63 former employees all their 4 years salaries in line with the agreed MTN clause of appointment.  MTN had done everything possible to frustrate the resolve of the former staffs, but the resilience in them pulled them through MTN fabricated minefields.


A lot has been written on this matter that we wouldn’t want to repeat. The fact is clear; the Judge saw through MTN’s wickedness in trying to undo a clearly written and binding legal document between an employer and employee. MTN wants to use the humongous powers it has in Nigeria to subdue Nigerian workers but the court disagreed.


The Judiciary has proven that there are still some men of human steel in them. It  has shown that there are still  men who would never allow the rich corporations to subjugate Nigerians into a state of slavery. However, the work is not yet done. If I know a corporation like MTN very well, she would want to delay, deny and make the judgement inefficient.  It would never work. MTN will pay these workers and it would be in hard cash.


This is now a clarion call to all men and women of Justice to carry this as a crusade. This needs to be given the publicity it deserves. MTN has lost a class action case against her former employees. It is high time we make sure that we tell these corporations that letters and conditions of appointments cannot just be a one-way traffic. It should go both ways. It’s MTN time to pay and pay she must.


Everyone must understand that these are traumatised former staff members who have lost so much since their wicked sack. They do not need to wait endlessly for their due money. Everyone must do all what is lawfully necessary to make sure that the valid court order must be obeyed. It is now in MTN’s interest to check through the files of the employees and pay them. The time for story is over.

The court has spoken. MTN needs to start the process of payment in compliance with the court order. …Ewolewoo!!


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